Friday, September 24, 2010

{War} with the Kitchen

And well....the kitchen won.

I must say this was completely unexpected although looking back it probably shouldn't have been. I mean since we decided to crack down on our budget and eat strictly mostly at home I have been preparing most dinners. And I must say they are quite delicious (OK maybe not all of them but they are still edible and take care of the whole need for nutrition thing.)

Well tonight, being the first day of fall and all, I decided we need something yummy. Something rich. Something that I never ever make because it is most likely harmful to my waistline....Shepherd's Pie.....say it with me "Yuuuuummmmmmy!"

So I bust out the potatoes (luckily I had all the ingredients even though I was not planning on this type of meal this week) and started preparing.

I mashed and I mashed and I added some butter (yeah butter...shocking) and whole milk (another shocker) and then I mashed a little more. I added some salt and some pepper to make them just ohhhhh so tasty. And it was finally time. That moment when they were just mashed and it was time to taste (Score for me!) to make sure they were just right. So I grabbed a spoon and lifted it to my lips and what I got was pure heaven dreadfulness!!!!

Not what I expected! Oh no what did I do???

Can you guess? I dare you too. This just shows how easily ones mind can get distracted while attending to a 13 month old...

I. Forgot. To. COOK. The. Potatoes!!

No joke...that's why I had to do all of that mashing.

I mean honestly, this is just the kind of stuff that you cannot make up and I give you total permission to LOL (did I honestly just use that expression?).

So now that it was already heading towards 6 pm and I still did not have dinner on the table I was in panic mode....I had a screaming toddler (from pure starvation), potatoes who in my bit of furry I threw down the drain with their peeled skins which were now clogging my disposal and no food! What was I to do. Well what came next was just pure genies.

I decided to make a "light" form of Shepherd's Pie and I call it "The Little Shepherd" (well until I come up with a better name. Any ideas?)

I continued to make my Yorkshire pudding, got the gravy going and then took hamburger meat, frozen corn and canned new potatoes and started to saute them together. No butter, no oil, no milk. Just sauteed together with some salt and pepper. Once it was cooked I placed it on a plate drizzled a little gravy on top and we had an absolutely, melt in mouth, made you think you were at Grandma's home cooked meal.


This one will go on the list for a simple, delicious meals to whip up in a hurry! Next time I plan to add some carrots and peas to the mix to add a little bit more nutrition. But it honestly satisfied every bit of my need to eat something hearty! And Averee loved it! Take that Kitchen! I think it's a win for the real life mom tonight!!!

Any hearty fall meals you would like to share?

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