Wednesday, September 29, 2010

{It's} a Wordless Wednesday kind of day

Photos created by Ashley of Ashley Poole Photography ( As I am sure you have learned by now I LOVE photography so I can be a bit picky about photos but as you can see she is amazing!  I couldn't pick just one photo for wordless Wednesday although if I had to it would be the B & W of Av laughing....that is 100% her! Be sure to check Ashley's site out!


  1. Beautiful pics! I especially love the ones in the canoe. Wordless Wednesdays must be a blog thing huh? I see a lot of these posts around blogland. Great job with your blog, Michelle!

  2. absolutely love the new pictures, my fav is where you two are holding her hands, and you only see Av. Nothing personal, haha, but seriously I love that shot. xoxo

  3. Thanks Ladies! We love these new photos! I wasn't sure how they would turn out because Av was in a "mood" that morning! But Ashley totally captured Av's true spirit! I've seen this Wordless Wednesdays thing on other blogs so I figured it was a fun way to share!

    Aunt worries...that is one of our very favorite photos! I mean the photos were suppossed to be all about her anywas!


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