Thursday, September 9, 2010


Ok. So if you are totally grossed out by the subject...Well you should probably just stop now. That's right. Step away from your computer...NOW!

Now that we have cleared out those who clearly can't hand it I'm sure you thinking to yourself...Hmmmm she's lost her mind.

But as any mother knows poop is apart of your daily life from the moment that you say hello to that beautiful baby. For it it was actually from the moment before I was able to even say hello. My sweet little dolly greeted her mommy for the first time with a beautiful display of meconium right down my leg. You better believe I cherished that gift for a lifetime....well because pretty much that is how long it takes to get meconium off of your skin! Just in case you were wondering.

I bring this topic to the table because for the last 24 hours it has literally been surrounding me! At work last night there was an event that can only be compared to the explosion of sewage plant with a scent that lingers for days. To be honest.....I didn't think we were going to make it. It was deserving of gas masks and a bio hazard clean up committee.

I then come home to learn of a friend who was out just for a leisurely shopping trip when it happened. That dreaded event that you truly, as a first time mother, believe will NEVER HAPPEN TO YOU. Well let me be the first to tell you. It be prepared. As she was strolling through the store she thought to herself  "well that is shirt feels wet." As she looked down she was shocked to not be greeted with a bit of drool or a spilt sippy cup. But instead she was covered from head to toe in the delicious brown stuff.

Sorry but I LOL'd :). Because well I have been there before...more then once to be exact. You will learn soon enough that my little family is filled with their share of bowel issues and I am sure this will not be the last of this topic.

My best advice is...Always. And I mean ALWAYS have extra diapers, wipes, change of clothing for your child and at minimum and spare shirt for yourself. The last thing you want is to be the one getting those "looks" from those passing by. Just look for a fellow mom....I'm sure at the very least she can offer a warm smile as she chuckles inside... so happy that it is not her this time.

Any poop stories to share?


  1. Mine doesn't have to deal with embarrassment, just a plugged up little boy. My son hadn't pooped in a few days but was super gasey, so I gave him some gas drops. Later that day I placed him in his bouncer to enjoy himself jumping around. Out of nowhere I didn't hear the bouncing anymore and I looked over and the little guy is passed out asleep. It wasn't quite nap time yet and I really like to keep the kiddos on a routine as to keep my own sleep schedule not getting messed up. So I proceeded to pick him up out of the bouncer and place him on my lap. He slowly woke and I slowly noticed a horrid stench. I got excited, he pooped. I took him to his changing pad and laid the little guy down. The stench grew and grew, oh the smell. I unsnapped his outfit to find that bouncing leaves very little room for the poop to remain in the diaper. Needless to say I had to disrobe my son and get a bath going. I was find poop all the way up to his ears and some at the bottom of his hair line. I don't know how I managed to escape without getting poop on me, or how in the world he could sleep like that. It was massive, it was scarey, it was 3 days worth of poop all up his back....YUCK!

  2. I was Christmas shopping at the mall, when my 6 month old had a blow out diaper. This was a particularly bad one that nearly made it all the way up his back to his neck. His liquidy, breast milk poops were a common source of soiled clothing, so I was prepared for the event. However, I had forgotten to re-stock a couple more gallon ziplock bags in my diaper bag, after the previous blow out. The only bag I had was from the Apple store, where I had bought an extra charger for my phone. I stuffed the sticky, smelly clothes in the Apple Store bag and hung it over the handle of my stroller.

    About an hour later, I was browsing some ornaments on one of those kiosks in the middle of the mall, when someone shoved past me and sprinted off. The man at the kiosk yelled, "Hey! That guy stole your bag!"

    My purse and diaper bag were still on me, but the Apple bag was missing. It took me a second to realize that the charger I bought was in my purse, and that the guy had only stollen poopy baby clothes.

    Merry Christmas to the person who thought he was getting an iPhone but instead got a nice bag of poo instead. (I didn't even try to rinse out the clothes, so they were GROSS.)

    Weirdly enough, I have talked to other mom's where something similar happened during holiday shopping.

  3. Megan, I think that is probably one of the best stories I have ever heard! He def got what he deserved! haha and Andrea...I have def been there before where you have to get the bath started right away...except for I have never escaped without being covered too!! Good job!


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