Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cute Fabric Flower applique

As you know I was on the hunt to create a new Gator outfit for my sweet Averee. In the process I discovered how EASY it is to make a super cute fabric flower that can be used as a hair accessory or a super cute applique (Hey even mom could wear it!)

Here's the easy step by step "How to":

To start measure out a piece of fabric 20 inch x 2.5 inch

Once the fabric is cut fold piece in half (length wise) and hot glue seam together.

Then take your piece of fabric and slowly fold it in a circle around itself (use either hot glue or sew to hold in place...It is definitely easier with hot glue. I do recommend sewing the button on though if you have a baby/toddler who puts EVERYTHING in their mouth. I would love a visit from you but would prefer it to not be on the pediatric floor of the hospital. :))

Add a button or any other piece to the center and then add a clip to the back (I prefer alligator clips...easier to use with little ones :) )

For the onsie just take a small piece of ribbon and sew a loop onto the onsie wherever you would like the applique to be.

Great thing about this is the applique is interchangeable and the onsie is washable! I dont' know about you but with my little monkey this is a MUST.

And here's the final product!

Where did I learn to do this? Well I wish I could say that I was just that creative but I learned it from this incredible blog that I love.

Her name is Michelle and her daughters name is Avery (hehe no wonder I love her blog right?!?) She has incredible tutorials that are all super easy to follow and are really cute and fun! I would highly recommend that you check out her site!

Coming up to create a tie onsie/shirt and then the super cute cupcake onsie!

It did take me 3 tries until I was satisfied for my fabric flowers :) but I think one of my favorite things about them is they are all unique and each one is a little bit different! Happy Crafting!


  1. What a great way to attach it to the onesie!!! Oh and small world that we are both Michelles with Averys right?!! That is because those names go together rather well, I think.

  2. I featured this on my Facebook page! Go check it out at Land of the Misfit Toyz, family, crafts, decorating and grab a button from my blog!


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