Sunday, September 12, 2010

Coupon Me

One of the most important aspects of couponing is being organized! I cannot express enough how much this will help you in your money saving venture.

This 13 pocket organizer is very similar to the one I use...surprise surprise though...mine is Pink :). I have found this to be the best method of organization for me since it is easily taken with me wherever I go.

I find it easiest to clip all of my coupons so that they are ready to go at a moments notice. I get most of my coupons from the newspaper but I do check out and in order to get a few extra. Also, if you live near an Albertson's but shop at Pulix be sure to get their coupons from the Newspaper. They have AMAZING deals every week and as long as there is a bar code on the coupon....Publix allows you to use it!

I find this method works best for me because I am always on the go and need to be as quick as possible when at the grocery store...especially with my little monkey sitting in the grocery cart!

I would love to hear your tips on how you save and what you find to be the best method....and get excited because I am learning allllll about CVS and the amazing deals that you can get!


  1. Have you ever checked out

  2. I have and I love the site...It is where I learned a lot of the "How to's" of couponing :)


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