Thursday, September 16, 2010

Save the drama for you Mama...

OH wait! Crap....THATS ME!!!! and my little lady is full of it...

I have to admit I was totally shocked when the first tantrum arrived. I mean honestly who was teaching her this stuff?!? I was certain it was not from me as I am way to cool, calm and collected to be called dramatic. (Ok so maybe the last line wasn't totally the truth but shhhh it can be our little secret!)

As she whithers herself to the floor (as not to hurt herself of course) she will look up and wait for you to look at her...and as soon as your eyes meet hers....BAM she drops her head and the flood gates open. If I didn't know better I would swear she was rehearsing for a new drama series due out on Fox later this fall. I mean honeslty...this is the kind of stuff you just cannot make up.

As I googled ways to survive tantums (since I can't seem to control my laughing thus encouraging her tantrums further) I came across this...Native Remedies Tula Tantrum Tamer Pillules, 20 Grams 

You have got to be kidding me!!! Drugs for tantrums?!? As great as this little miracle pill sounds (NOT) I would prefer to use a more traditional parenting know like a non pharmacutical one. So I am bringing it to you...The Real Life Moms....How do you survive and what are you tips....because as funny as it is now...I am fairly certain in 15 years I probably wont be laughing any more.... :)


  1. Sarah never had any tantrums, I swear and I know I was lucky. Good luck with that, xoxo

  2. My daughter started het tantrums around the same time....I did as you are doing, laugh and ignored them. They did disappear until I would say she was about 2 1/2. Then they were bigger and more fierce. I tried the same tactic and failed. So I just ignored the small ones and the larger fits were stopped with a time out. Those slowly went away. Now she is 3 1/2 and they are even bigger then before and now I am at a complete loss. They say beware of terrible twos and I thought I had made it through when those tantrums stopped but no one warned me about "pull your hair out and scream" threes. I brought it up to the doctor when I took my son in for a check up and she told me it is completely normal and usually threes are worse then twos. So just something to look forward to I guess.

  3. My friend has a now 4 year old that was prone to many a tantrum at the age of 2. One day, my friend left the tantrumed toddler where she sat kicking and screaming and went into the bathroom and shut the door. The baby carried on for a couple more minutes, realized she didn't have an audience and then searched through the house to find her mother. She was a little frantic, unsure where her mother had gone. After a couple more tantrums with my friend heading to the bathroom, her daughter stopped the behavior for fear (I guess) that her mom would disappear.

  4. hehe Andrea...I guess I will just have to look forward to that! And that's not a bad deal...hiding until she figures out she has no audinence...I might just try that! Thanks for the advice!

  5. Rylee Or Justin Never had tantrums either. I guess were lucky Aunt Mary...Good luck Michelle...Have you ever tried Rescue Remedy?

  6. No....we are trying the old school approach. She at least doesn't have full out kicking and screaming fits like I have seen before. She just has a flare for the drama....Hmmmm I'm not sure where she gets it from :) I think that once she is a little older and can express herself better we will have less of the screaming fits. I honestly think right now she just knows what she wants and doesn't yet understand why she can't have/do everything. We will see though! Thanks for checking out the site! How is Justin? Hope things are going well and we send lots of prayers to you all!


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