Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mad at Jodi?!?

"Alright...so call me later...and oh yeah...you're parents want to know why you are mad at Jodi?"

Jodi? I'm thinking to myself who in the H...E double hockey sticks is Jodi? Am I so mad at her that I don't even remember who she is? Had I erased all memories of her as to protect myself from her awfulness???

I then remember that my parents called me a few times earlier and I wasn't able to talk to them so as I rushed into work I pulled out my phone and stumbled as I tried to dial their number. I was a little nervous about the wrath that might be Jodi and I needed answers STAT!

The first thing my dad said as I answered the phone was "Who is Jodi and why aren't you speaking to her?" I quickly informed him that I was hoping he was going to be able to tell me who the heck she was since I am certain that I don't know anyone by the name.

What came next is just further proof as to why social networking sites can get you in trouble. Here's where it all began....

I posted this on one of my bestest facebook walls yesterday.

"Ummmm so I seriously can't wait to see you and my handsome god baby in just a few weeks! Sooo excited! Oh yeah and by the way....finally read Handle with Care...Right now I am having a love/hate relationship with Jodi! We currently aren't speaking :)"

Now to me the message was quite clear as to who Jodi is...She is an author! And I am angry/mad/sad/happy/and a little bit of everything in between with her book Handle with Care!

Phewwww....I thought to myself as I hung up the phone. I was certain that I was going to need to be on my toes for the next 3674 days as I waited for Jodi to hunt me down and demand an answer to all the madness! At least the crisis was diverted and I could breath a little easier knowing Jodi wasn't after me!

Ohhhh Mom and Dad....I'll be sure to include a disclaimer next time stating that all the proceeding comments are of a sarcastic nature and are not to be taken seriously in any way...shape...or form.

Do you have any funny social networking stories to share? I'd love to hear them!

If you have not yet read this book and are looking for a good read I do highly suggest it! It is the type of book that you won't be able to put down and I'm quite certain that you too will have a love/hate relationship with Jodi after reading it. Click here to check it out! Handle with Care: A Novel

Handle with Care: A Novel


  1. OMG too funny! What is the book about??

  2. It's about a family who has a child with a chronic illness and their trials through it. I don't want to give to much information because it will totally ruin the book. I really enjoyed the read though and even though I finished it like 2 weeks ago I still haven't stopped talking about it!

  3. After reading this I had to share! My sister gets a text from 1 of her friends who I casually know, but never talk to, wanting to know if I am pregnant and if so wants to congratulate me. My sister calls me asking if I am pregnant and, of course, I tell her NO! We both have no clue why the question was asked and don't think much more about it. Later that night, we are sitting at my parents bar and it gets brought up about the post Uncle Brett made. The post was "Back in the Bahamas. Bahamian Folklore: If a gecko lizard jumps on you and stays "it mean baby coming" So congratulations in advance to Jessie and Jared Kelley, we wish them well." Well, come to find out a gecko kept jumping on Jared's hand and wouldn't leave him alone and that is what brought it all about.....good old Facebook!!

  4. haha oh Jessica! I have to admit when I first read Brett's post of FB I too was about to head to Hallmark for a congrats card! hehe Hope you are doing well!

  5. Haha! That's so funny!! And yes, I am mad at Jodi too!

  6. OK Michelle, I've signed up to be a follower, this is my first I admit, but I'm excited!

    OK this is Erin, I dont know how to post not anonymous, can you help??


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