Friday, September 10, 2010

Butterfly Kisses

Sometimes you day just does not go as planned. That was the start of my day. From the moment I woke up I knew I just simply had not slept enough.

Ughhhhh I thought to myself as I knew that I would be working tonight as well so my next time for sleep would be in, ummmm, about 26 hours from then.

So imagine my surprise when at 10:30 Miss A started rubbing her eyes....simply tired beyond belief ( I think we have hit a growth spurt which we will get into another time.) So I quickly got her into bed and then ran to my bed and jumped in (Don't worry...I was still in my jammies at 10:30 in the morning.) I tossed and I turned and I tossed some more. "You have got to be kidding me!" I yelled. I could not fall asleep. Before I knew it Miss A was awake and ready to play.

So I went and got her up, brought her to our living room, laid down on the floor and to my surprised she bent down and planted a big, sloppy, perfect little kiss on me. She proceeded to give me kisses on my forehead for at least 10 minutes. At that moment in time (which you will quickly realize I have these revelations a lot) I realized that the simple act of love can make your day soooo much better.

I also must say I am incredibly proud. Yeah yeah...I'm sure you are thinking it's not that big of a deal. All she did was give you a kiss. Well this is true but it is also true that we must be doing something right. She is learning how to love. She knows, already, that those kisses brighten my day. Not only did they make me happy but they also put a big smile on her face. And the way I see it, if she learns nothing else in life but how to love then we have succeeded. Because that is what life really is all about in the end right?

Any sweet stories to share? I'd love to hear!


  1. Michelle,
    I love your blog. I will be following! How do you find the time??? Anyway, this little story was just too precious not to comment. I bet it was amazing to get those kisses...I feel that instant happiness everytime Riley smiles...can't wait for him to learn to give kisses :)Thanks for sharing!

  2. When my son was about 13 months old, I was distracted, setting the table and talking to my mother and sister who were visiting. I microwaved cheese sauce for pasta and put it, piping hot, on a placemat, on the table. Vincent, who was just walking, went over and pulled the placemat. The scalding cheese went directly on his chest. I raced him into the bathroom and sat him in the tub. I spent the next half hour or so pouring cool water from a cup over and over onto his chest and praying that he wouldn't be scarred. Fortunately, you could even see a red mark when I was done. Afterward, I sat him down in the bathroom wrapped him in a towel. He leaned over and gave me a kiss. It was the first time that he kissed me and I felt that he really meant it. That it was out of love and appreciation, not because he was asked. I have never forgot that day, almost 21 years ago. Not because of the accident but because of the kiss.
    Great blog Michelle! Even though I am out of the baby business it is great to read... brings back memories.

  3. Thanks Erika and Tina!


    That is so sweet! I started this in hopes that I will be able to remember these precious times down the road! It really makes any sort of craziness that might be going on in your life 110% worth it! And it's nice to know that 21 years later it will still be totally worth it! See you soon!


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