Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tie onsie/shirt for your favorite little guy!

Here's the "How to" to make your very own tie onsie/shirt!

I made this onsie back in May for my favorite little man, Campbell. I saw a tie onsie on Etsy (one of my all time favorite sites!) and figured... "Hey I could do that!" So off to the craft store I went!

Items that you need:

Fabric of your choice
Iron on adhesive
computer paper
Iron and Ironing board :)

On your computer paper draw outline of the tie. I decided to do this on computer paper instead of on the iron on adhesive so that I could get it "just right." Then I cut it out traced it on the iron on adhesive and cut the pattern out of the adhesive.

Next, iron on the adhesive to your piece of fabric (make sure it is the part of the fabric that you want for your final product).

Cut out the fabric with adhesive backing and....

Iron it on to your onsie/shirt!

Then sit back and relax...maybe with a nice glass of wine...because you are DONE!

Honestly, it doesn't get easier then that and it is beyond CUTE! It can make a great gift for a baby shower, birthday, Christmas or even just because! And a bonus....the onsie/shirt is washable! Score for the real life mom!

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