Tuesday, September 21, 2010

{Lady} who Lunches

Big hats, beautiful pearls, gorgeous heels, decadent food.

Not this lady!

This lady prefers meals that take five minutes or less to prepare, include peanut butter in some kind of way (my kinda girl!) and isn't afraid to make a mess of herself! To be honest...the messier the better.

A little bit of fiber with a dash of protein

Fruit of course!

Hmmmm..Do I like this?

I think it's a home run!

My motto is make it healthy but make it easy! Hello....did you forget that part that I work full time....nights to be exact!

With this meal she is getting two fruit servings (of course organic :) ), whole grain, protein, fiber and some healthy fats! Whoa...I think we have a keeper....I'll mark that down as a win for The Real Life Mom!

What's your toddlers favorite lunch?

And get excited...The Real Life Mom is going crafty! Be sure to check back for details!


  1. My toddler loves beans! I feed them to her at either lunch or dinner (sometimes both) every day because she's not a great veggie eater. And by not a great veggie eater, I mean she throws anything green half across the room. But she LOVES black beans, soy beans, kidney beans, pinto beans...you get the point. She even eats steamed salmon if you can believe it. So salmon, beans, and some plain pasta is on her plate 3 or 4 nights a week. Need to be more creative in the kitchen. Love this post. Hope to see more like it. Oh and Nice new button! Just added it to my site! Cheers! Jenn @ThisMommyLoves.com

  2. Caleb loves hummus. We have multiple food allergies to contend with (and actually the last 3 times he has had hummus he got hives on his face so sadly we are done with it...) But he eats anything he can, LOVES grapes and tomatoes and broccoli and beans too! We, like above, eat beans almost every day! I only eat chicken and turkey, and we don't eat it everyday. We are part of an organic produce buying club so we always have yummy fresh veggies and fruit and really Caleb will eat any of it!

  3. Beans! Great idea...I'm going to have to try that with Averee and salmon too! She also loves hummus but she too breaks out in a huge rash on her face....her face turns bright red. So, we are holding off on that for a while! We have the organic produce delivery too which we LOVE. It is so nice to not even have to leave the house...just have fresh veggies and fruit delivered to your door!


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