Tuesday, November 30, 2010

{Public Isolation Project}

Cristin Norine
(Photo courtesy of the Public Isolation Project)

So for the last 29 days my husband's cousin, Cristin, has been participating in the Public Isolation Project. She has literally lived in front of others for the last 29 days in a store front window.

During this 30 day project (Yeah!! She is finished tomorrow) no one has been allowed into her space and she has not been out. Her only form of communication is through facebook, twitter and face-time chat. She isn't even allowed to use a cell phone to actually call someone...just for texting and ichat. She has been blogging about her experience and it is just amazing.

I believe the idea behind this project is to show us the good and the bad side of social media. I believe we can all become so wrapped up in what is going on "online" that we can sometimes forget about what is right in front of us. Answering our phones at dinner, checking our email all day long, logging on to facebook to check the latest status updates. I know I have found myself doing all of the above.

At the end of last month I actually deleted facebook from my iphone after seeing on another blog the reasons why she deleted it. I realized that I was continually checking my facebook page...uploading photos and videos allllll day long and that I really wanted to be more present in my daughters life so to the garage bin that app went. And let me just tell you...I couldn't be happier with my decision. I don't carry my phone around with me everywhere checking it every hour. It has been really "freeing." And just in case you were wondering...I try to save all my blogging to nap time and bedtime so that I can spend the most time possible with the girl. Blogging has become an outlet for me to share my feelings and ideas. There are the good and the bad to social media remember? And I think that this side is a good side....when used appropriately.

This is just a glimpse of Cristin's blog in regards to the generational gap when it comes to the Internet...

The way in which different generations view the Internet regarding privacy and usage is very interesting to me.  The younger generations tend not to have much of a filter or sense of why privacy is important.  My generation sees the value in new technology, but wonders how healthy it is and then my parents’ generation has a very defensive way of thinking about it.  It makes me wonder how my children will view it.  That’s one of the many reasons I decided to do this project.- Cristin Norine

Anyways, I just thought you would all find this as interesting as I did and thought you might like to check it out. You can find Cristin's blog here. You can also check out all the press behind it including the feature on CNN....yeah I know her...and I think that is really cool :).

Have you notice any good or bad effects the online world has brought to you? I would love to hear your thoughts!


  1. I think that is a really cool project!! I do think that we sometimes dont think about what we put out on the internet and i'm guilty of some of this too. People post pictures of their house, then list their address on their page. this basically gives an intruder a compele layout of the place! Or people post when they are going on vacation and how long they'll be gone for, again advertizing that no one is home! or i've seen woman post that their husbands are going out of town leaving them home alone! just not smart...
    but on the plus side, posting pictures of your life, especially little ones as they grow up allows family and friends who dont live so close to really keep in touch and feel like a part of each others lives. i know most of my family lives very far away but they all feel like they know my little one b/c they keep up with picturs and such...


  2. Did you read Ashley's blog? I totally did and have been trying to limit my fb time too. It's amazing how much more I've been getting done and how less crazy I feel. It is totally an addiction!

  3. Love your header and the damask pattern...you have a good eye for design!


    Hope to see you back @

  4. Hi, I am following you from the wandering Wednesday blog hop. I hope you have a wonderful day!


  5. Great post and I totally agree with you! I think we all need to find a balance between the wonderful technology available to us and real life face time. I try to limit my fb time too, and try to blog and facebook when my kids are either in bed, or busy with another activity outside the house. For my daughter's 14th birthday, we had a dinner party at a restaurant with 7 of her friends and 2 of those friends sat at the table and texted the whole time. I just thought, "then why bother come if the people at the table are not interesting to you and are not deserving of your attention?". I really worry about the younger generation and how they are going to be able to strike a balance. Great topic! Angie xo


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