Monday, November 29, 2010

{The Flop}

In preparation for Averee's second visit to Santa Clause I thought it would be fun to create a special outfit for her. So I put my thinking cap on and decided that I needed to base her attired around her adorable red tutu that I created for her for Valentines day. If you would like to know how I made it you can go here. Anyways, I just knew this would be great! So off to the store I went....

I found these adorable red, pink and green striped leggings at Walmart for I think $2 and a cute little white turtle neck. I then found this awesome stripped fabric and headed home with my supplies. I started working vigorously on an applique for Averee's new turtle neck and I thought candy canes would be the perfect choice. I cut them out....applied the iron on adhesive to the fabric and then ironed them onto the turtle neck. Well let me just tell you....I am very happy that I spent less then $5 for all of my supplies because the shirt turned out...well....not so cute.

Here it is....

(Photo not even worthy of editing...Blah!)

I was obviously being very meticulous when applying because it is not even close to the center! Wearable as on undershirt where the applique is hidden VERY well....Although, I'm not even sure that I would risk her wearing it as an undershirt with the chance that someone else might see this awfulness :) Oh well....I tried.

So what did I do to fix it? Well I headed to the mall of course. And to my surprise I found this cute little number 50% off at Macy's!

Oh win lose some! But I think she will still look pretty darn cute!

Macy's had some pretty good sales going on today....especially on their holiday attire. A lot of their more formal kid attire was 50% off. Not too bad when searching for that perfect little outfit. And just in case you were totally freaking out because I did not include photos of Averee wearing her adorable outfit....worry soon as she see's Santa photos will be up! :)


  1. Ooh! I'd throw a bow on the center of the candy-canes and probably applique "J-O-Y" kind of jumble-like in the lower left to make it more "centered".
    I think its adorable and ABSOLUTELY salvageable!

  2. Love them both. She is cute whatever she wears, Love Mimi

  3. Great idea Allie! If I can somehow find the time (I know you feel me on that one!) I just might try that...I think it would bring a nice balance to the shirt.

    And are so right....she makes everything perfect :)


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