Thursday, November 11, 2010

{Take two}

So today I have had the pleasure of experiencing what it would be like to have two kids ( and what it would be like to have a boy!) Av and I are hanging with a sweet handsome little guy who recently turned two. Let me just tell you the girl and I are having a BLAST!

Pretty much everything B does Av wants to do. They ate together, jumped on the couch together, mowed the lawn together and have been laughing up a storm together! They even cried together (ok so it was mostly Av but her screams freak B right out!) It has been so fun, though, to see them interact and enjoy each others company while speaking a language that only they understand.

However, this two kid is quite exhausting...I'm not really sure that I am ready for two kids full time...hmmmm

My only regret? I forgot my camera! I can't believe it...I bring my camera every where! I did get some photos and video on my phone ( which I am also blogging from right now... So no judging of my errors :) )

I am very good at this two kids thing though.... Wanna know why? They both went down for a the same time! ( I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that this is the time they both nap everyday. It is totally due to my awesome mom skills! )

So for now I'll enjoy just the occasional day with two kids. I'm sure one day I'll be ready for it...just not yet.

Do you have two kids? (or maybe more) How do you do it everyday? Any advice for us moms who will one day be there would be great!

And be sure to check back next week. I'm going to be featuring some fantastic ideas for nurseries! And I have some great projects coming up!


  1. Two isn't so bad....once you get into a groove. My daughter Gwendolyn was so excited about her new baby brother coming that when he arrived all she wanted to do was hold him....I miss those days now. Soon after that honeymoon period she regressed on being potty trained and had accidents everyday, whether it was pee or poop, it didn't matter she did it for the attention. Then she added in to the mix some extra large, outragiously thrown temper tantrums but for some reason never in public or when we were with other family. To add on top of those she refused to do what mommy and daddy had asked of her, completely ignoring us. I later got the best advice from my pediatrician, tend to her needs first no matter what they are, they will be easier and faster to get done then the babies needs. Gwen will remember that you left her out to tend to her brother but her brother won't remember at all if you tend to her first. So I did as she instructed. Now life is a peach! Still the occasional melt downs from her but she is three it is to be expected. We always do what she would like (with in reason, mind you) and her brother Zach just enjoys her having a blast. We love to sit back and watch her go, she is a hoot! She loves the attention and praise we give and is now asking for a little sister. So I must be doing something right, no? I still here the story from my MIL that my husband asked for his brother to be returned to the hospital and my mom reminds me that when her sister was born that she said, "hers a girl, I wanted a boy." I never once got any of this from Gwen. No matter how angry she got towards her daddy and I she never once acted out towards her brother, nothing but hugs and kisses for him. I believe it is a one day at a time kinda thing, and you will know when you are ready to make that leap to two!

  2. This is very good to know! It is scary to think about have two little ones running around but I think you are knowo when you are ready! That is too funny what your mom and MIL told cute...although I'm sure their mothers didn't think so at the time!

  3. So funny that I just read your blog after I wrote a blog like this....


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