Monday, November 22, 2010

{Project:Nursery} Star Edition

So as I was perusing the internet checking out some nursery decor ideas I came across some totally fab celebrity nurseries. Now, the designers of these rooms are just a little out of my price range (ok a lot! but that's besides the point) but there are so many beautiful rooms with fantastic ideas that I just had to share!

Kelly Ripa's daughters room....Filled with fairy tales!
I am totally in love with that crib and heart the wall mural (you will be seeing a lot more wall murals....I think they are great!)

Brooke Sheild's son's nursery
(Photo: Coochicoos)
I am dying over the wall sconces! Perfection!

Tori Spelling's daughter's nursery
(Photo: People)
Pretty much Ian is in a boat load of trouble if we ever have another girl because our house will 100% have a Pink room just like this!

Kenneth Brown's, daughters, nursery
(Photo: Homework Shop)
I LOVE the dark gray with all the bright pink, purples and greens! This is just gorgeous!

Tiffani Thiessen's daughter's nursery
Holy gorgeousness! The tree with all the birds...the perfect crib and oh my the light coming through those windows! I just love how light and bright this room is!

As you can see I think I am just naturally attracted to all things girly...I think that is what happens when that is all you brothers and I only have my little woman! But don't worry....I have some FANTASTIC little boy nurseries coming your way!

Do you have a favorite celebrity nursery that you would like to share? I would love to see!


  1. Okay, I have to ask... is all this nursery talk leading up to a big announcement?? hehe It would be fitting!

  2. ohhhh I just love the butterfly one!! (Kenneth Browns). The butterflies just jump out at you and the colors in the picture over the crib! Giving me ideas Michelle - my husband is not gonna be happy! lol - Amy E.

  3. haha...oh announcement....I just seriously have an obsession with baby and kid rooms and thought I would share all the ideas that I find hehe...It's funny though because I didn't really think about how all this nursery talk would sound...but now I get it :)

  4. I too LOVE nursery and kid rooms! I need to do a post on Brenna's room. It's the only room in the house that was ever "done" and I love it so much. Already dreaming about nursery #2 and giving Brenna a big girl room. Check out for amazing inspiration.


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