Tuesday, November 23, 2010

{He's Baaack}

I wish I was talking about Ian and that he was home from a long trip or maybe even Santa Clause being it is that time of year. Heck, I'd even take a pimple that I've nick named Fred at this point. But no. "He" is none of those. "He" is our Night timer stalker friend....remember him? If not you can see what he is all about here.

And this time instead of a "he"....he is now a "she". Apparently they are so desperate to find Mr. Quicker that they have now hired a new company. Can't you just feel the joy that is exuding from me? "She" was so pleasant to stop by some time in the wee hours last night. I must say though she was much kinder and didn't rattle are front door...Phew! Crisis averted.

You want to hear the best part? I finally decided to call the police because although I thoroughly appreciate our night time stalker friends visits I feel that they might be more well received during the day. Well Mr. Policeman stopped by, informed us there is nothing that he can do and encouraged us to go outside with our ID next time our "friend" stops by and tell them the person they are looking for does not live here and kindly ask them to not come by again. I mean this is a fantastic idea since all of our "friends" are most likely packing. Hmmm I think I'll pass.

Are we the only ones that have crazy things like this happen? Please tell me no! Anyone?...Anyone???...Bueller???? Man it's just us?!? Go figure.

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  1. Oh MAN! This actually DID happen to me! It turned out to be somebody who got a hold of a bunch of my personal info and opened accounts and purchased a house in my name... then proceeded to let it go into forclosure as soon as humanly possible....
    Anyways, I would look into that end of it, just one friend to another :)


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