Tuesday, October 12, 2010

{TO:} Our night time stalker friend

Dear Mr Repo Man,

Although it was very kind of you to stop by last night I must inform you that the gentleman, Mr. Quaker, who you are hunting for does not live here. To be honest I'm not sure that he has ever lived here since it was just in the last year that we began to receive his mail and we have lived here for almost 4 years.

I just thought you should know how appreciative I am of your night time stalking. I mean, honestly, I felt truly honor to have you shine your bright florescent light into my bedroom window at 0030. Not many people can say that they have had that done! Oh and your walking up to my door with your gigantic light and jiggling the lock...that was classic! I think one of the best parts is how all of our neighbors now think that we are in some kind of trouble since they all were peering out their windows early this morning with us since you hung around for a good 30 minutes. Did you think the item that you were looking for was just suddenly going to appear? Hmmmmm.

Like I said we really appreciate you stopping by. It allowed us to get zero sleep last night and worry about my 1 year old in the other room all night long. Thanks for that...you are so kind. Thanks to you I'm pretty sure we will now be investing in one of these (For our night time stalker friend...a Home Alarm!) . I guess you are really just looking out for our well being. Oh and just so you know...if you come back I will be calling the police this time. Thanks.

Your dear friend,


PS Maybe you could kindly tell your client that they should do a little bit more investigating before sending the REPO man out next time. I mean for the last year they have been receiving all of Mr Quakers mail back with a kind little note stating not at this address. I'm just saying...day time visit are alitte bit more well received.


  1. OMG I'm so sorry this happened to you! I would've been so freaked out if someone was looking through my bedroom window with a flashlight!!! I def. would've called the cops! Yikes!

  2. I know! It was seriously crazy! We would have called the police but it all happend so fast! If they ever come back we will be calling. We called the number on the paper that they left and informed them that the person does not live here so hopefully they wont bother us again! And by the way I LOVE your blog....I try to comment everyday but it wont let me :( (I think it is the spam blocker...it would let me type the letter code at the bottom to post.)

  3. WHAT?!! Oh heck no, I would have let them have it verbally and then called the cops. Seriously, they are trying to repo something from the inside of the house and they think they will just be able to walk in and take it in the middle of the night? Are you kidding me? You letter is hilarious, you should send it to the company.

  4. It really was creepy! Michelle, we were getting ready to head out their to talk to this classly gentleman (insert sarcasim) when he started messing with the door! I totally wish I knew what company it was because I would send it to them! hehe Thanks for reading ladies!


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