Sunday, October 3, 2010

Little {Man}

Pure Bliss! It is how I feel every time I am around sweet babies! I love all stages of babyhood (is that a word?) and I kid you not every month as Averee has grown I swear that it is my "favorite" month and that nothing could beat it but some how she finds a way to amazing me even more the next month!

This weekend I had the absolute joy of seeing one of my very best friends in the world and her sweet little family. We decided to have a little mini photo shoot with the adorable C3 and let me just tell you I had a blast! He is so flippin cute and is such a little man already! Here's what we got...

 He is saying "Mommy, please make this crazy lady get out of my face with the camera!" :)

Averee is saying "Mommy, did you forget about me?!? It's my turn for photos!" I told you....she loves her photo taken!

This is my favorite shot...Pure, true love!

It was so much fun and definitely helped to fill my need to take photos of beautiful babies (remember I told you how much I love photography)! Thank you Linds, Cam and C3 for letting me take these photos! I can't wait to put some of them up in our house!

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