Thursday, October 28, 2010


Do you ever look back and remember what it used to be like to a meal without being interrupted or leave the house when you want to and not have it focused around nap time. How about cooking meals because you want to or just simply making a meal because it is your favorite not because it is the only thing your little one will eat. Or eating a meal and being done...never mind cleaning the high chair, cleaning the floor, cleaning the dishes, cleaning your child, pre-treating all the clothes involved, washing said clothes...And remember those times when you could take a nap just because you were tired and felt like it or even go to the restroom by yourself. Yeah....I remember those days.

Yes, I remember. But you want to know what else I remember? All these amazing times that I am having. I feel like a kid all over again (I'm just a lot more tired this time around!) I remember the sweet kisses my little lady leaves for me, the snuggles that she provides, the giggles.....oh the giggles! You know....I don't think you can ever quite be prepared for motherhood and I don't think you ever really believe that it wont be just perfect. But the great thing about motherhood is you get to make it your own. You get to help this little being learn to be part of this world. You get to teach them how to be a good person and how to love. And remember my favorite thing is the "imperfect"! If we were all perfect where would the fun be in that! Take advantage of these times we have, if you need help ask for it! We have all been through our own struggles and can all offer our advice or a helping hand. Through the screams of a wee one to the tantrums of a toddler...even if we can't do anything to fix it...I've always found comfort in knowing.....I'm not alone. Here's some of our memories from this week...Memories we will have forever...

Yes, I remember.....and I wouldn't trade these memories for the world!

I decied to participate in a photo challenge! You can check it out here :)


  1. You're going to make me cry!!! So sweet!

  2. What do you use to edit your photos? They are gorgeous!!

  3. Thank's ladies! Glad you enjoyed! Jenn...I use and I LOVE it! They have so many amazing options and effects that you can use it is great! I used t use picasa but I think Picnik offers a whole lot more!

  4. so sweet, I love your photos!

  5. SO sweet!! LOVE these photos.
    Before you know it you'll look back and remember the days when your little one was so little and snuggly and dependent on you - they go by too fast!!

  6. Such a sweet post! Beautiful photos!

    Erika B


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