Friday, October 22, 2010

{OMG}!!!!! RLM was featured!

Sooo since I am having major issues with Facebook today...Don't's driving me up the wall! I figured I would create a post!

The Real Life Mom {Tutu} Cute Tutorial was freakin featured at Jellybean Junkyard! Thats right...I said featured! I cannot even being to tell you how excited I am about this! When I started this blog I never ever thought anyone would actually read it and now this!?! Wow is all that I can say!

Be sure to head over there and leave a little love! It is a great site with a ton of ideas to offer!

Thank you everyone for your continued support and thank you Jellybean Junkyard for the feature!
Jellybean Junkyard

And if my day couldn't get any better....RLM was featured again!!! That's right...get excited :) This time it was over at Kojo Designs! Beyond excited right now! Thank you for featuring my {Tutu} Cute Tutorial and thank you to all of you have visited and followed along! This is seriously more then I could ever have imagined! Be sure to check out Kojo Designs!


  1. this post! I'm always looking for fun ideas and yours was one of them! It was my pleasure to feature you!
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. i couldnt post on the tutu tutorial for some reson but LOVED it!and i actually think i can do it!!


    (now if i could only figure out how to post a comment with my name...)

  3. Michelle! I stumbled upon your blog from your Facebook page. Although not a mom, I think its super cute and all of your coupon and crafting tips are helpful for us Aunts too :) I love getting to keep up with baby Averee and the whole family from afar. Miss you! See you soon!



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