Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Easy DIY Infant Halloween costume

So last year was Averee's very first Halloween. With a 2 month old baby I'm sure you can all relate that putting together a costume is not very easy. The week before Halloween we did our family photos and Averee wore a super cute tutu that I made. I knew that I wanted her to wear it again so I decided to work it into her Halloween costume.

Here she is for our family photos with her daddy:

(I know...she looks just like him!)

And here's what we came up with for Halloween:

That's right...our very own Skeleton Ballerina! The onsie was purchased as is and we had the bow on hand. You could easily make a skeleton onsie with fabric. Just follow this tutorial (of course you would need to change the design of your template!)

Another great idea for an easy infant Halloween costume can be found here at This Mommy Loves . This Mommy Loves is another one of my favorite sites! So be sure to check it out!

I also have a few friends who have found some great infant costumes at baby consignment shops

Remember...when it comes to anything infant comfort should be a priority! And honestly...they are just going to be wearing it for you!

And as I said before I made the tutu! If you are planning to make a tutu for your child's Halloween costume you might want to order your tulle from here . Make sure you order the 6 inch spool of tulle. I have bought tulle in store before but you are usually limited to pastel colors or the colors of the season so I typically buy it online. Plus if you order it from here it is only $2.09 per spool right now. I always buy two spools just in case I need extra and/or mess up but you really only need one 6" by 25' spool to make a perfect tutu.

The tutu tutorial is coming up next (as soon as we get our Tinkerbell tulle!) so be sure to check back!

WooooHooo! This was featured over at This Mommy Loves  This is one of my all time FAVORITE sites! Her name is Jen and she has the most incredible ideas! I'm pretty sure her Pancake and Pajama Party she hosted for her daughther's 2nd birthday party will be repeated next year for Averee's 2nd birthday! Be Sure to check it out!
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  1. Adorable!!! And thanks for the link! :-) I'll link to this as soon as Brenna naps :-)

    Jenn from


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