Thursday, October 14, 2010

The {Bug}

There's a bug going around and I've got it. It's the board and batten bug and let me just tell you that I. Am. In. Love.

A while back Ian and I decided to do some decorative wainscoting in our dining room area. Ian wasn't too thrilled with the idea because he knew that it meant more him and less us when it came to the amount of work to be done. I must say though that he taught me a lot on DIY projects and walked me through the steps (insert awwwwww). It turned out beautiful and ever since the only thing I can think about it placing wainscoting throughout out entire house! I know...I know. A little extreme.

This is our dining room. Not the best picture but divine right?

My newest crush is our bathroom and I think she is in need of a major makeover. After painting our bedroom a gorgeous deep blue/gray our poor en suite bathroom has been looking so shabby and no I do not mean shabby chic. I mean need of repair! So I figured what better way to spruce it up then starting with some board and batten. I have been researching high and low and I can totally do this myself with Ian. Still trying to get him on board but for now here are some rooms that I have been dreaming about...

Ummm can you say GORGEOUS! Found this at

And this is where my inspiration began...I will definitely be including a small shelf along the top. I think it just adds so much character. Found at Coastal Living I the only one in heaven right now? Found at

So for now I will keep dreaming. Maybe I will just come home with a bunch of paint samples and start painting the bathroom until my sweet hubby jumps on the bandwagon with me! Hey...that's how I got that gorgeous blue/gray in our bedroom :)

Be sure to check back...tutorial to come on decorative wainscoting!


  1. You go girl! I caught the bug a few weeks ago and ripped all the wallpaper out of our master bath... Sadly, the bug disappeared before I could finish and the bathroom is currently a hot mess. Thanks for the inspiration! Perhaps I will find time to finish this weekend <3

  2. Love it! Whenever I get these ideas I just have to run with them....otherwise it consumes all of my time haha! Good luck with the bathroom! Let us know when you are finished and show some keep us all motivated :)

  3. You and me both! We're about to put our house on the market and so many of the newer home we're looking at have A-Mazing wainescotting. The best part is- all you have to do to clean it is wipe it down which is perfect when you have little monkeys running around :)

  4. Good luck with putting the house up! We will be sending well wishes for an easy sale! I think I would totally be in trouble if we were looking for a new home right now....I see an idea and I feel like I have to have it! hehe Hope you are well!


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