Saturday, October 9, 2010


So remember awhile back when I said that I was certain it would not be that last time that I would be talking about poop? Well guess what....apparently I write about it and don't even realize! As my dad, who so politely pointed my error out, said...I've just been a nurse for waayyyy to long! :)

Here's what I wrote...and yes it has been edited since!

"These are the supplies that you need. Two bowels (it really doesn't matter what size), a toothbrush, warm water and windex. I put warm water in the red bowel and placed my rings to soak for about 10 minutes. In the blue cup mix half warm water and half windex. Once your rings are done soaking in the red bowel place them in the windex mix for about 10 minutes."

Now if anyone actually has two bowel's kudos to you! You'll always have one on back up!

I will be sure to read a little more thoroughly next time but I have a feeling I will most like make the mistake again. I mean when you are just so used to seeing and hearing these words they become a part of your natural vocabulary and never seem to look out of place! Whoops!


  1. My mom acts as my editor too. There is seldom a time that I post something and she doesn't write me a nice little love note about it with a ps. you spelled this wrong or there is a typo here or there.

    Gotta love parents.

  2. Usually I catch things like that, not sure why I missed it. I guess I saw the picture of the red and blue bowls that it didn't register that you wrote bowels. Even re-reading it now, i still said bowls in my head.

  3. Yep...Gotta love parents! I did the same thing took me a minute to even realize what I did wrong! I have gone back and fixed it since though :) Hope you both are well!


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