Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Put a little sparkle back in your frosting...

So if you are like me your diamonds take a major beating everyday. My poor sparklies hardly ever have any sparkle! From all the hand washing and foam that I use at work to just the everyday activities of having a toddler my rings are always in need of a trip to the jewelers!

After spending the weekend with some friends awhile back and someone commenting on how dirty DISGUSTING my diamond rings were I knew that I needed a better solution then my sparse trips to the jewelers. I have found many solutions online but here is the one that I think works best...

 Here are my rings before (aren't they pretty? :) ) They actually weren't too bad today.

These are the supplies that you need. Two bowls (it really doesn't matter what size), a toothbrush, warm water and windex. I put warm water in the red bowl and placed my rings to soak for about 10 minutes. In the blue cup mix half warm water and half windex. Once your rings are done soaking in the red bowl place them in the windex mix for about 10 minutes.

Next use your toothbrush (one designated for this chore of course...not your husbands) and scrub your rings.


When you are done simply rinse your rings, dry and you will have some beautiful frosting to show off to the world!

Another method I like to use to clean my rings is with woolite. I take a spoonful of woolite and place it in a glass of water. I warm the water up and then gently place my rings in the solution. I let them soak for about 10 minutes and then rinse and dry. It is kind of fun, yet gross, to see the things that will begin to float in the glass!

How do you keep your jewelry clean?

Another idea I received from a friend on facebook... Rachel said: I am a big believer in windex too! You know what else I like a lot...scrubbing bubbles. Since a lot of the junk that gets into the crevices of our rings is soap scum, it makes sense that scrubbing bubbles would do the job! :). I'll have to try this one out Rachel....Thanks for the tip!


  1. Cool, I will try this on my "frosting"! I must admit though that I am still in that phase where I take my ring off whenever I wash my hands, do dishes, etc. because I don't want it to get dirty. I'll get over it one of these days!!!!

  2. I use the woolite solution and it's great! I also off to clean my hubby's ring whenever I clean mine and he appreciates it!


  3. I tried the Windex trick last week and wasn't too impressed with the results so I just tried the Woolite trick (well with Snuggle because that's what we had). My ring looks amazing!!! And it smells great too!!! Keep up the great work on the blog!!!


  4. Glad you liked it Jessica! I like the Woolite one too! And thanks for checking out my blog...I've been having a lot of fun with it!


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