Monday, January 3, 2011


So it's here. The new year. And with a new year there comes new resolutions. New way's to better life for yourself and for those around you.

This year...I have a few things I would like to tackle and thought that if I shared them with you I might hold myself more accountable. Here they are...

  • Drink more water. With the amount of coffee I drink I find that I frequently dehydrate myself so I feel this one is vital.
  • To go with #1? Drink less coffee. :) Who am I kidding....the amount I drink is insanely unhealthy.
  • Take my girls for a walk most days of the week. I would like to say all days but with the crazy weather here in Florida and my crazy schedule I think that most days is a better goal :).
  • Go to bed earlier. 
  • Say more kind words to others and about others and steer away from gossip.
  • Spend less money! If you don't know I think budgeting is very, VERY important and I think Ian and I need to work a little harder at it!
  • Have fun! I think this one should be pretty easy but I find myself sometimes worrying about "the future" rather then enjoying the here and now.
  • Get to know God a little bit better. I am willing to take any suggestions you might have on how to better my relationship with him!
  •  Get organized. This is going to be a tough one and require a complete overhaul of our home but I think we can do it!
I know some of these resolutions might seem a little ambiguous or a little selfish but I believe that in order for me to give the greatest part of myself to others I must first take care of me. I think it is important for Averee to grow up with a good example of how to take care of this precious life God has given her. 

And just for fun since I haven't shared yet here are a few of my favorite photos of the girl having fun on Christmas Day! I think she can teach me a thing or two when it comes to this part of my resolutions!

What are your resolutions this year?


  1. I would not do good with number two...

    Stopping by from Marketing Monday!

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  2. Well i'm not a coffee drinker so i'd cross that one off, but the rest sound good! not sure i'll achieve any of them, but if you keep us posted on how you're doing on these it may make me more prone to try some myself!


  3. Hey Michelle, You are the sweetest!! Thank you for such incredible kind words, I really appreciate them.

    Your resolutions hit home with me once again. I've been reading so many of these lists I actually don't even need to make one anymore, he he. You guys all have the same things to work on as me, awesome, I am not alone.

    I would also love to walk with the kids MOST days, :)

    Be more kind, and have nice things to say, most definitely. :)

    Go to bed earlier, would be nice, but WAKING up earlier is my biggie :)

    Getting to know God, my only suggestion here, is follow your heart, I feel God has given us everything we need to know him, and to do the right thing, oh and always respect others religion, I think this is huge. God is God, no matter what others call him. :)

    Getting organized, YES PLEASE, Ive been working on this for over 20 years, lol, seriously. :)

    HUGS, many many of them, and the WARMEST wishes of health, happiness, love, and joy, this NEW YEAR!!!

    Bella :)

  4. Those are great resolutions! Thanks for sharing them with me today!

    The drink more water one is huge for me!

  5. I didn't make resolutions this year but I thought I'd try getting more sleep. All electronics in the house have to be off by 10 pm and soon after, I have to be in bed.

  6. It is amazing that you want to go deeper with God. My best suggestion... spend time getting to know him and read his Word. Faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God. I enjoy listening to sermons online while I get work done. My favorites: and Enjoy and God bless!


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