Sunday, January 23, 2011

{Finding Frugal}

This was a pretty good week at Publix...for me anyways. I was 1000% the crazy coupon lady though this week. Of course the only time I could go was we have dinner plans so I had to go in the afternoon. Let me just tell you....NEVER. EVER. AGAIN. I let one person go in front of me and I tried to warn others that I might be awhile but nonetheless they stayed in line....behind I was sweating...while the sweet little old lady checking me out took 20 minutes to ring my coupons up. Oh live and you learn.

Anyways, here's what we got for the week.

Total Cost: $150.13
Total OOP: $72.42
Total Savings: $77.71 (52% savings)

Included in there are two loafs of bread, 6 Gerber Snacks (puffs), organic eggs, toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent, coffee creamer, organic yogurt and soooo much more.

Here are my best deals:

  • Hunt's Tomatoes B1G1 (usual price $1.39/can)
        • Smart Source Jan. 23 $0.45 off/3 cans (used one)
        • Red Plum Jan. 23 $0.40 off/2 cans (used one)
        • Smart Source Jan 9 $0.75 off/3 cans (used three)
        • Total for 10 cans $3.10 ($0.31/can)
  • Shedd's Country Crock B1G1 (usual price $2.19)
        • Internet Printable $0.40 off/1 (used 2)
        • Target Web Printable $0.50 off/1 (used 2)
        • Total for 2 containers $0.39 ($0.20/container)
  • Kraft Home style Mac N Cheese B1G1 (usual price $2.59)
        • Smart Source Jan. 16 $1off/1 (used 2)
        • Total Price for 2 packs $0.59 (they only had one pack but I received a rain check for the other. Savings above reflect rain check)
  • Palmolive Dish Soap (20 oz) 2/$4
        • Smart Source Jan 5 $2off/2
        • Total for 2 containers $2
  • Kraft Dressing B1G1 (usual price $3.27)
        • Target Printable Buy 2 get 1 free (used 1)
        • Smart Source Jan 23 $1 off/2 (used 2)
        • Total Price for 4 $1.27 ($0.32/container)
  • Hillshire Farm deli meat 3/$10
        • Publix insert Jan 23 $1off/2 (used 1)
        • Red Plum Jan 9 $0.55 off/1 (used 2)
        • Total price for 2 containers $4.56

Not to bad of a week. I am happy with saving 50% of my grocery bill. It is a HUGE change from this time last year when today's grocery trip would have easily cost me $200. And total amount of time it took me including my time at the store was about 2 hours. If you count that as worked hours it means I made $38.50/hour (if you could like a different perspective on why couponing is cool).

And just in case you are wondering why there is no meat/veggies/fruit/week this week....we received our organic delivery a few days ago so we are set with fruits and veggies and I have a whole freezer full of meat that I bought a couple weeks ago when it was on sale. And milk....we have tons!

How did your shopping trip go this week? Find any great deals?


  1. Wow great job Michelle!! I did my all time best this week!!! We did tons of B1G1 w/ coupons, got lots of sale items w/ coupons and saved $63!! now this was not half my bill, I'm not quite there yet, but I will say I stocked up on baby food and baby snacks for the forseable future!! Hey that's $63 dollars in my pocket, I'll take it!! thanks so much for sharing your tips and ideas!!!


  2. That is fantastic, I really need to get back to couponing!


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