Friday, January 14, 2011

{Finding Frugal}

So after chatting with a couple of my amazing told me that you would like to read about my grocery trips and how I save. Now I am by no means an expert on this subject as I myself am new to this adventure. But I will do my best to show you the things I have learn and the things that work for me, a full time working mom of 1, so that I can save money and stick to our budget!

I decided that I would make it a weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) post in which I'll show you my purchase, my cost/savings and the best deals out there. I will do my best to include where I received the coupons from so that you too can get in on the good deals. Also, I almost always do my shopping at Publix so if for some reason I don't list where I bought something from it's pretty safe to assume it was a Publix find.

This week wasn't my best. If I stuck to my list I would have been OK but I ended up adding a few extras while I was there (so bad....I know! that is like the number one no no of couponing!). You see though I hadn't prepared anything for dinner because we were supposed to head out to a restaurant (don't worry...we have a gift card :) ) but my husband had to work I ended up picking up some frozen least they were buy one get one. And we were in desperate need of conditioner and trash bags (don't worry I'm working on creating a stock pile now!) So these little extra cost threw me off a bit.

Total Cost: $138.42
OOP: $63.97
Total Savings: $74.45 (54% savings)

Not to bad for all that food and not a whole lot of prep time!

Here were my best deals...

  • Dannon Activia Yogurt: 3/$6
      • Smart Source(January 9) $1off/4 pack (used 3) total per 4 pack $1
  • Uncle Ben's Rice: B1G1
      • Red Plum (January 9) $1off/2 (Used 2) total per box $0.50
  • Progresso Soup: B1G1
      • $1/4 cans (used 2) total per can $0.93
  • Lysol Nutra Air Sanitizing Spray: B1G1
      • Smart Source (January 9) $1.50 off/1 (used 2) total per spray $0.29

I am also working on a new organizational system. I was clipping coupons and filing them every week but honestly I got totally burnt out and actually took a month off couponing (yeah that's right...I totally blew the budget!) But I'm thinking my new system will help to keep me from getting so exhausted and it will take a whole lot less time. As soon as it is complete I will let you know how it's going!

I would love to hear your tips and tricks from couponing. I am still a complete novice and just learning as I go!

Happy Savings!


  1. wow you did great by my standards!! so i didnt realize that if soemthing is B1G1 you can use a coupon for each? even if the coupon is $1 off 2?? I didnt know that, that will really add to my savings from now on, thanks!!!


  2. No you can still only use my above examples I bought 8 cans of soup, 4 boxes of rice and 3 four packs of yogurt. Does that make sense?

  3. Great job Michelle! Let me know and I can show you how I file my stuff. It is so easy when the time comes to make your list and get your coupons out. Here are some tips for any one who wants to get started.

  4. I started subscribing to 'All You' magazine. There are a lot of coupons in each issue (the new one arrived today, $79 in coupons!), plus recipes, tips on saving on any and everything...They also mentioned 2 sites where you can upload manufacturer coupons to a discount card, and when you go shop you just scan the card instead of printing all those coupons! I can't wait to try it. (they suggested and

  5. A different kind of coupon...I haven't gotten into coupons yet (on goal list for Jan) but have made a big habit of using our rewards credit card whenever I can gas, groceries etc. Instead of getting cash back we put it toward gift cards to Wal-Mart and Home Depot and just got $800 dollars vs. $400 if we choose the cash option. Points add up quick and fast on our card and they offer special monthy deals like double or triple points for shopping at certain stores on selected dates.


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