Thursday, January 27, 2011

{I'll keep dreaming...}

Sooo if you weren't aware of this yet I have become a enthusiast. I love the artist nature of photography and that you really can't "do" wrong. Photography is like any art is what you want it to be. 

(This is what I love!)

I'm not going to lie though....of all the things I could have picked to be an enthusiast about...I'm pretty sure I picked the most expensive one out there! From the camera, to the lens, the editing software, the memory is all rather pricey. Pretty much why I have yet to buy most of the above.

So since my birthday is coming up (and by coming up I mean it is like 6 weeks from now...I mean it never hurts to plan ahead!) I thought I would put my little wish list together. I'm pretty sure if I actually received any of this it would have to account for about 6 birthdays, 8 anniversary's and 5 christmas' combined. But a girl can still dream....right!?!

Awww there she sweet little...perfect little black beauty! To be honest I haven't yet decided why I love Canon but I do! Maybe one day if I actually get this baby I will be able to let you know!

And then the 50mm....You can't go wrong with a 50mm....I'm certain it would take me quite some time to get used to a fixed focal lens but I have no doubt that I would be in LOVE.

And of course a necessity for any camera bag is this little cutie...the 85mm. Hmmmm.....

Some of you might be wondering why I don't...."Dream a little bigger" but I figured I should at least keep it practical! And plus I think these would be the perfect start for me to understand photography better!

One thing I did invest in to complete my current camera is this....

(Photo from Shey B website)
That's new Shey B camera strap slip cover! I convinced asked the hubby for it for Valentine's Day! Woo Hoo! Can't wait for it to come!

 Ahhh I'll keep dreaming....

Do you have anything on  your wish list? I'd love to hear!

All camera and lens photos from B&H photo and video.


  1. LOVE the strap! I am a moron when it comes to operating cameras (and photoshop) so I just stick to my iPhone & a couple apps that put different effects on the pictures, hahaha.
    On my wishlist? Hmmm...
    - a beat up Jeep to throw the dog, kids & gear in & head to the beach/cottage all summer
    - Rumparooz diapers (cute prints but pricey!)
    - for the backyard: a big wooden pagoda, a vegetable garden, and a clothesline

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