Wednesday, January 26, 2011

{All in the Family}


I must say that I am blessed....very blessed. Growing up I knew that I was a part of something special. I have the most incredible family. Although I am an only child never once did I feel alone. With my amazing parents and incredible aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents I always had the love and support that I needed.

Imagine my surprise when my husband and I started dating and I first met his family and realized that they are super amazing too!

The only down side....a lot of our family lives ridiculously far away.

We had a nice little visit recently though and I thought I would share a couple of photos with you...a little glimpse into the life of the Real Life Mom. Nothing fancy, nothing exciting...just a day at the park!

It was such a perfect day and such a perfect way to spend some time with our family! Averee loved visiting with her Grandma and cousin....and so did we. It seems that these trips always pass by way to quickly but I cherish every moment. Every. Single. Moment.

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  1. wow Michelle your photos are amazing!!! you really have a talent there! Looks like the most perfect day :)


  2. Sooo cute!! I am your latest follower - I hope you will follow me back -

  3. So sweet girl, I love it, aren't the most simple things in life the most beautiful??? You sound very lucky, and blessed indeed. I love happy posts like this.

    Thanks for sharing !!!


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