Friday, October 29, 2010

{Last Minute} DIY Halloween Costumes

As I watched Kathie Lee and Hoda the other day on the Today show they had a segment with easy, last minute, DIY Halloween costumes and I thought it was only far to share! And I added a few others that I found and thought you might enjoy :)

  • Pillsbury Dough Baby and Baker: Super easy just dress your baby in a plain ol' white onsie, buy a child's chef hat and print a Pillsbury logo from your computer and tape to the hat. You might want to add a strap which could easily be done with some hot glue and elastic. For parent, just put an apron on, get a rolling pin and sprinkle some flour on your clothes.
  • Tootsie Roll and Sugar Daddy (or Mommy): Simple wrap your wee one in a solid color blanket or pillow case, print out a tootsie roll logo and place logo on the blanket or pillow case. For parent just wear all one color and place candy wrappers or printed logos all over your clothing.
  • Spider mommy and baby: This is so cute yet very simple. Just dress your baby in all black, create spider legs using men's tube socks (black) and stuff with batting. Parent wears all white to act as a "web". Attach legs either to parent, baby or baby carrier (your choice). Using a baby carrier attach baby to you :). You can of course adjust the color of your spider if have a brown carrier like we do :) Also, if time allows you could add some pipping to mom's clothing to create a "spider web" look.
  • Ballerina/Skeleton Ballerina Check it out here...DIY costume
  • Octopus: Dress baby in a bright solid colored outfit. Make legs using bright colored tube socks in similar colors and fill with batting. Attach to babies outfit!
  • Sushi: This is adorable! Just dress baby in all white. Attach a orange pillow (or really any color that could work as sushi) to back of babies shirt. Wrap around center of pillow and babies belly with green ribbon.

     Spider baby and mommy web. This version is slightly different as it does not use a baby carrier. (Photo from Martha
    Octopus Baby (Photo from Parents . com)
    Your very own Sushi (Photo from Parents . com)
    Skeleton Ballerina...Learn how to make a Tutu here
    Hope you've enjoyed! Can't wait to see all of your little "monsters" Halloween photos! Happy Haunting!
    Here's some places where I like to share... Just a Girl Tatertots and Jello


  1. How cute! I am working on my last minute mickey mouse for my son! Happy Halloween!

  2. Kids too enjoy Halloween.These dresses make them cute.zombie costumes

  3. What a amazing ideas!I would like spider baby and mommy costume.


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