Monday, January 31, 2011

{Project Nursery}: It's a Jungle Out There

So remember that sweet Queen Bee nursery a few weeks back....well guess what...Avery (the mommy who is the Queen Bee) is expecting a little boy and designed a room that is seriously out of this world!

With the combination of green and black (yes black!) Avery took this nursery to an entire new level! It is so stylish yet so fun...I know baby Tucker is going to grow to love this fantastic space especially with the incorporation of all those jungle animals!

Why hello Mr Rug aka Gorgeousness....Can I please take you home!?!

Check out the art work with baby Tucker's name (above his crib) and initials....Guess what...Avery painted them herself!

I just love this lamp! And the fish on the self!

Did you see the bedding? I'm pretty sure it doesn't get any better then that!

The wall scones are seriously to die for! Can I move in?

Avery did such an incredible job with this nursery. She took a chance with a color that I'm sure many were telling her would be ridiculous in a baby's room BUT she made it amazing! Awesome work Avery!

So what do you think? Have you ever taken a chance with a home decor choice? I would love to hear!

All Photos provided by Avery. Thank you for sharing your incredible nursery!

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

{I'll keep dreaming...}

Sooo if you weren't aware of this yet I have become a enthusiast. I love the artist nature of photography and that you really can't "do" wrong. Photography is like any art is what you want it to be. 

(This is what I love!)

I'm not going to lie though....of all the things I could have picked to be an enthusiast about...I'm pretty sure I picked the most expensive one out there! From the camera, to the lens, the editing software, the memory is all rather pricey. Pretty much why I have yet to buy most of the above.

So since my birthday is coming up (and by coming up I mean it is like 6 weeks from now...I mean it never hurts to plan ahead!) I thought I would put my little wish list together. I'm pretty sure if I actually received any of this it would have to account for about 6 birthdays, 8 anniversary's and 5 christmas' combined. But a girl can still dream....right!?!

Awww there she sweet little...perfect little black beauty! To be honest I haven't yet decided why I love Canon but I do! Maybe one day if I actually get this baby I will be able to let you know!

And then the 50mm....You can't go wrong with a 50mm....I'm certain it would take me quite some time to get used to a fixed focal lens but I have no doubt that I would be in LOVE.

And of course a necessity for any camera bag is this little cutie...the 85mm. Hmmmm.....

Some of you might be wondering why I don't...."Dream a little bigger" but I figured I should at least keep it practical! And plus I think these would be the perfect start for me to understand photography better!

One thing I did invest in to complete my current camera is this....

(Photo from Shey B website)
That's new Shey B camera strap slip cover! I convinced asked the hubby for it for Valentine's Day! Woo Hoo! Can't wait for it to come!

 Ahhh I'll keep dreaming....

Do you have anything on  your wish list? I'd love to hear!

All camera and lens photos from B&H photo and video.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

{All in the Family}


I must say that I am blessed....very blessed. Growing up I knew that I was a part of something special. I have the most incredible family. Although I am an only child never once did I feel alone. With my amazing parents and incredible aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents I always had the love and support that I needed.

Imagine my surprise when my husband and I started dating and I first met his family and realized that they are super amazing too!

The only down side....a lot of our family lives ridiculously far away.

We had a nice little visit recently though and I thought I would share a couple of photos with you...a little glimpse into the life of the Real Life Mom. Nothing fancy, nothing exciting...just a day at the park!

It was such a perfect day and such a perfect way to spend some time with our family! Averee loved visiting with her Grandma and cousin....and so did we. It seems that these trips always pass by way to quickly but I cherish every moment. Every. Single. Moment.

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Monday, January 24, 2011

{Sponsor Spotlight} Tinder Designs

So you all remember all about Tinder Designs right? Well what better time to go and check them out!

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching I'm sure any little girl in your life would be giddy over this adorable dress...

I'm pretty sure this is one of the CUTEST dresses ever! You can take it from winter to spring with just a long sleeved shirt and leggings!

Or how about an adorable cart cover? I am totally diggin this new pattern! So fun!

And while you are at it how about adding a personalized touch? I'm sure any Mommy-to-be would just love to receive this as a gift!

So head on over to Tinder Designs and have a little look around! I'm sure you will fall in love too! Remember to mention that you found Tinder Designs over at The Real Life Mom for Free Shipping!

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

{Finding Frugal}

This was a pretty good week at Publix...for me anyways. I was 1000% the crazy coupon lady though this week. Of course the only time I could go was we have dinner plans so I had to go in the afternoon. Let me just tell you....NEVER. EVER. AGAIN. I let one person go in front of me and I tried to warn others that I might be awhile but nonetheless they stayed in line....behind I was sweating...while the sweet little old lady checking me out took 20 minutes to ring my coupons up. Oh live and you learn.

Anyways, here's what we got for the week.

Total Cost: $150.13
Total OOP: $72.42
Total Savings: $77.71 (52% savings)

Included in there are two loafs of bread, 6 Gerber Snacks (puffs), organic eggs, toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent, coffee creamer, organic yogurt and soooo much more.

Here are my best deals:

  • Hunt's Tomatoes B1G1 (usual price $1.39/can)
        • Smart Source Jan. 23 $0.45 off/3 cans (used one)
        • Red Plum Jan. 23 $0.40 off/2 cans (used one)
        • Smart Source Jan 9 $0.75 off/3 cans (used three)
        • Total for 10 cans $3.10 ($0.31/can)
  • Shedd's Country Crock B1G1 (usual price $2.19)
        • Internet Printable $0.40 off/1 (used 2)
        • Target Web Printable $0.50 off/1 (used 2)
        • Total for 2 containers $0.39 ($0.20/container)
  • Kraft Home style Mac N Cheese B1G1 (usual price $2.59)
        • Smart Source Jan. 16 $1off/1 (used 2)
        • Total Price for 2 packs $0.59 (they only had one pack but I received a rain check for the other. Savings above reflect rain check)
  • Palmolive Dish Soap (20 oz) 2/$4
        • Smart Source Jan 5 $2off/2
        • Total for 2 containers $2
  • Kraft Dressing B1G1 (usual price $3.27)
        • Target Printable Buy 2 get 1 free (used 1)
        • Smart Source Jan 23 $1 off/2 (used 2)
        • Total Price for 4 $1.27 ($0.32/container)
  • Hillshire Farm deli meat 3/$10
        • Publix insert Jan 23 $1off/2 (used 1)
        • Red Plum Jan 9 $0.55 off/1 (used 2)
        • Total price for 2 containers $4.56

Not to bad of a week. I am happy with saving 50% of my grocery bill. It is a HUGE change from this time last year when today's grocery trip would have easily cost me $200. And total amount of time it took me including my time at the store was about 2 hours. If you count that as worked hours it means I made $38.50/hour (if you could like a different perspective on why couponing is cool).

And just in case you are wondering why there is no meat/veggies/fruit/week this week....we received our organic delivery a few days ago so we are set with fruits and veggies and I have a whole freezer full of meat that I bought a couple weeks ago when it was on sale. And milk....we have tons!

How did your shopping trip go this week? Find any great deals?

Friday, January 21, 2011

{Project Nursery}: Blue and Brown and Elephants Oh My!

The joys of a baby! I think one of the most exciting things for many mommies-to-be is putting together their sweet baby to be's nursery. Let me just tell dear friend Lindsey did not disappoint when it came to creating her wee little boys room.

With all the baby blues, light greens and deep espresso' about heaven! And the adorable little elephants scattered about....I know sweet Campbell is going to grow to love his incredible room.

I LOVE the letters that Lindsey used above Campbell's crib. They are so much fun with all the color and different patterns! She found them at New Arrivals, Inc.

How comfy does that chair look! And I love the little elephant blanket! Oh and that gorgeous striped frame on the wall!?! Also, a New Arrivals, Inc. find!

Lindsey did a great job bringing in the elephant theme without being over the top!

Campbell's Pottery Barn elephant sheets....the inspiration for his room.

What a fun way to display his monogram! So boy!

I am totally giddy over this ceramic elephant! I want one for my home! Lindsey found it at Pottery Barn which you will be able to find me scouring their stores until I find one!

Thank you Lindsey for sharing baby Cam's room with us! I hope it has brought some inspiration to all you mommies to be!

All photos were provided by Lindsey.

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