Monday, November 15, 2010

{Project: Nursery}

Today is going to kick off my first post of Project: Nursery. I know for me putting together my little ladies nursery was almost harder then picking her name! I wanted her space to be perfect! All things girly and fun. I was for sure that this was going to be completed prior to her arrival home but guess what? Not even close! It is still a work in progress (she's 14 months old!) But I LOVE her room and have so much fun trying to create a great space for her.

I have a true weakness for nurseries and children's rooms and just love seeing all the creative ideas others come up with. I hope this Project will offer you some inspiration for your little one's room and I look forward to seeing your ideas and photos!

Project: Nursery will be featured once a week. Sometimes there will be a focus on a specific theme other times it will be on a certain room element.

To jump start Project: Nursery we are going to look at great art for your babies room! Focus being inexpensive and DIY.

This photo is of one of Ian's best friends little one's room. Oliver's mommy, Alison had a fantastic idea to take some of Oliver's dad's old comic books and frame them! She found these perfect white frames at Dollerama for $2! She picked her 12 favorite comics and put them up! It only cost $24 for some serious style!

How about framing some fabric? This is a photo of my daughter's room. I used left over fabric from her gorgeous curtains (wish I could say that I made them!) and bought frames at Joann's (of course using coupons!) I love the way this turned out and for the 3 frames it cost around $30.

I just love this! I saw this over at Studio Lyon on Etsy and fell in LOVE. How sweet would it be to have this hung in your babies nursery? I just heart the hidden message :) And at only $8 it is totally affordable! You can see this along with other items from Studio Lyon here.

And this is great! If you have lots of different fabrics you love you can turn them into art! Just follow my tutorial for how to make a bow holder (of course stopping once your canvas is covered!) Photo courtesy of

This idea touches my heart. This is from my friend Erin who received this card from her grandmother for her baby girl. She bought a frame and placed the card in....viola...instant art! Her daughter's nursery is Winnie the Pooh themed so it fits perfectly. And I just love that each time her daughter looks at this she will be reminded of her great grandmother.
This is fantastic for any nursery that the theme is based off a storybook. You can take that storybook and frame your favorite photos! This is a photo of one of our favorite stories Goodnight Moon. Photo courtesy of The Hundred Thousand Poster site.

What are your decorating ideas? I would love to see photos to share the inspiration with other Real Life Mom's out there! Email me at if you are interested in having your child's room featured here to share your ideas!


  1. Okay so you know I don't have a child of my own but I just LOVE the idea of framing special cards!!! I am such a card person and can you believe that I still have every card that I have ever received??????? I'm serious, they are all boxed up in a closet! Thanks to you (and Erin) for the idea!

  2. I think that is AWESOME! I have finally started clearing out cards that I have had forever...I keep very special ones though....You never know when you might need a pick me up! There are so many pretty ones out there though I think they could make for great home decor with such a special touch....if you frame one I'd love to see photos...Hope you are well!

  3. Oh so many great ideas!!!
    I did a post about nurseries recently (here, -- in case you're interested).

    Love the fun factor of these ideas, too! The comics are brilliant!

    Thanks for your sweet comment. It is one perk of having our (canadian) thanksgiving in October that we decorate for Christmas earlier than most Americans. Can't wait to see your Christmas decor once it's up!

    I'll be back soon -- hope you'll visit again :)


  4. Yes, of course, feel free to link to it!

    Thanks for your visit :)

  5. very cute. I love the framed fabric! Off to see if I can find pics of the rest of the room on the blog!

  6. I hear you on the nursery being harder than the name! Mine is four now and I still tweek the "nursery"...
    Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!

  7. I like to put real pretty Christmas cards into some of my picture frames during the holidays as extra decor at no cost. :)

  8. I simply love that comic book idea, and the alphabet with the I Love U, so cute.

    Thanks for linking up to **Amaze me August** I really appreciate it!!!

    Just want to remind you of my upcoming giveaway. Seven prizes up for grabs, so you won't want to miss it. It's going to be huge!!

    Bella :)


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