Monday, October 11, 2010

{Tinkerbell} Fairy Wings Tutorial

That's right....If you couldn't guess from the title Averee is going to be a little baby, brown haired, Tink for Halloween! I'm pretty certain she is going to be the most adorable little Tinkerbell there ever was and that her costume is being made with lots of love!

So first things first....she needs some fairy wings. For her entire costume I plan to spend around $10. With the cost of wings costing $10 and up I needed to get creative so I decided to make them...and remember how I told you if I could do it that you could too? Well that was never more true then now...these wings are sooooo easy and I'm pretty positive that Av will be sporting lots of wings for many Halloween's to come!

What you need:

*2 metal hangers (the ones you get from the dry cleaners)
*knee high panty hose (preferably in nude)
*spray paint
we use krylon...

*felt to match color of paint
*1/2 inch elastic
*hot glue gun
*wire clippers
*masking tape

Start by forming hangers into the shape of wings. Just keep bending until you are satisfied with them

Next, clip the end's (the hook) off the hangers and cover with masking tape.

Then cover each "wing" with one knee high bringing the opening to where the hook of the hanger used to be. Tie in a knot. I also covered this part with masking tape to help prevent tearing of the knee highs.

Now bring your spray paint and wings outdoors. Cover wings in choice of color. Remember it is best to start with a light coating and continue with multiple coats until you are satisfied with the color. 

Next, cut felt to rectangle large enough to cover end of wings (where hook of hanger used to be.) Make sure to cut two even pieces of felt.

Then hot glue ends of wings to the first piece of felt. Take the elastic and cut to size (you will need two even strips that will become the straps that hold the wings in place on your you will also need your child for some measurements :) ).

Hot glue elastic to center of felt and then cover with second piece of felt to create a completed look.

Taa dahh! You have beautiful wings for your little Tink (or fairy)! And the best part is my total cost to complete this look was $4.19! I used left over supplies that I had from previous projects and just bought the spray paint in bonnet blue and knee high panty hose. At such a small cost you can make these wings for any occasion...even just to play dress up with your little lady!

Ellie the Elephant was kind enough to model the completed look since a certain someone is already fast asleep!

Next up we will be learning how to make a tutu!

What's your little one going to be for Halloween?

I decided last minute to do a stitch around the outside of the felt. I figured since I have a little monkey on my hands any extra "security" is a total bonus! 

Tutorial inspired by another one of my favorite sites! Be sure to check it out! And check out these sites too! So many wonderful ideas out there!

I received this idea on facebook.... by Robin: They make a spray on glitter, it comes in a pump bottle, all you have to do is spritz it on the wings to give them the glittery look that Tink's wings have :). I will totally be trying this out! Thanks Robin!
This is where I've linked up to. Still learning this whole blog thing! Any advice?

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  1. Great job, Michelle! Very impressed! I'm sure she'll love her wings well past Halloween! I also have a post about Halloween Costumes today.

    Have a great one! Jenn from

  2. Excellent job!
    You should come link this up to my Making It With Allie linky Party!

  3. Thank you ladies and thank you for checking it out! Allie....I linked up to your Party! Thank you for hositng and let me know about it!


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