Wednesday, December 29, 2010

{New Years Eve} Decor

So I'm not going to lie. I have been extremely busy...With the holiday hustle and bustle and working I have yet to think about NYE....funny thing....we are hosting NYE this year! YIKES!

So imagine my excitement when I ran across this...

That's right..... A complete printable party pack...for FREE! It doesn't get much better then that!

So if you are hosting New Year's Eve and are in need of some simple yet beautiful decor head on over to Love the Day to get this entire party pack for free! And while you are there check out Operation Shower. Love the Day created this party pack in hopes that others would learn more about Operation Shower and possibly donate to help this great cause!


Monday, December 27, 2010

{Project: Nursery} Let's Sail Away

If you don't know by now I am a total sucker for all things pink. It is like something in me is just drawn to it and anything I see I have to have! My obsession goes so deep even my sweet college roomie bought a pair of pink socks for me because well....she thought of me when she saw them! So it is only natural that I am attracted to little girl's nurseries because of the color! Imagine my excitement when I found out we were expecting a little girl! Our home was quickly filled with all things pink!

But boy do I have a treat for you today! I am throwing pink aside to show you one of the most adorable little boys nurseries that I have ever seen! Honestly, if I ever have a little boy I think I will be calling Kelsey (mommy to this little boys nursery) to see if she could help design one for our home!

So let's sail away...

 I just love the anchor and lifesaver raft....not to mention baby Coleson's name on his sailboat pillow! And that lamp shade! Swoon!

 The furniture is simply gorgeous! And I just love the red, white and blue!

 I am a total sucker for names above cribs. I have actually read articles before where they state this is great for a baby because it helps to expose them to words (well at least one!) and learn that those "things" have a meaning.

 Totally dieing over this rug! It is so perfect!

 Kelsey added so many special touches with the sailboat and the buoy...bringing the whole room together.

 This is adorable and again I just love how Kelsey incorporated Coleson's name into so many aspects of his room!

 Even the shelf has a nautical theme!

 Amazing right?

 Such a fun way to display his library while still tying in the theme!

If you haven't realized it yet I love embroidery and monograms!

The furniture, the theme, the is all just perfect! Kelsey did an amazing job incorporating the theme into the entire room. I think Coleson is one lucky little boy and that he is going to really enjoy his room for many years to come!

So what do you think? Total perfection!

Thank you Kelsey for letting the Real Life Mom sharing your son's amazing nursery! All photos were provided by Kelsey.

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

{Magically Made} 20% Off!

Today I am welcoming our newest sponsor, Magically Made, to The Real Life Mom! I am beyond excited!

For those of you who don't know I totally love Etsy! That is where I happened upon Magically Made.

It is a fantastic little shop with all things vinyl! I first came in contact with Kristen, owner of Magically Made, when I was searching for vinyl letting for Averee's room. I just love the look that vinyl letters give and love how when you are ready for something new you can easily take them down. When I first contacted Kristen I was hoping to create a custom order but instead I found her swirly rendition of Cinderella's famous song....."A dream is a wish your heart makes when you are fast asleep." Swoon!

Here it is in Averee's room....

Ummmm can you say Gorgeous!!!! It is so beautiful I have actually been asked if I hand painted this quote onto her wall! It really looks like someone did!

Kristen does an incredible job perfecting each and every piece. To top it off....she sends easy to follow, step by step instructions on how to adhere your letters and how to remove when you are ready (but seriously I don't think this is ever coming down!)

Magically Made has been up and running for 3 years now and in those 3 years has manage to have 100% positive feedback from sales! A M A Z I N G! It just shows you what a reliable company it is.

Here are just a few reasons why I totally HEART Magically Made:

  • The cost.....Magically Made truly prices to sell. She makes it so that you just can't resist!
  • Customer Service. Kristen works very hard and is very prompt to deliver you a fantastic product!
  • Options...from colors to custom orders you can get it all.
  • Quick shipping! Your product ships within 3 days of receiving payment! I know this is a big deal for me.....I am an instant gratification type person :) 
  • Quality. Kristen truly delivers you a fantastic product!

And here are a few of the products from Magically Made that I plan to add to my home....for a nice, new, cost effective upgrade to our decor....

I can't wait! I know they will look perfect!

To top things off...Kristen is offering 20% off to all Real Life Mom readers!!! That's right...20% off!!! How can you resist?!? Simply enter coupon code TRLM20 at check out to receive your discount! 

So head on over to Magically Made and let me know what you think. I would love to hear what your favorite piece is and would love to see photos from the pieces that you add to your homes decor! Happy Shopping!

Magically Made is a sponsor of The Real Life Mom blog. I strive to bring you the greatest products out there. All opinions above are based on my beliefs and thoughts. For any questions please contact me at or contact Kristen through Magically Made on Etsy.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

{Wordless Wednesday} Santa Claus is comin to town

So we finally went to meet Santa today....

It didn't exactly go as planned. The plan being.....Averee sit on Santa's lap and get a lovely photo to add to her Santa and Me book....

 She was totally not letting go...

So we opted for a family photo instead...

Stranger anxiety was in full force today!

Here's the official Santa photo! At least we were all happy!

Oh well! We have a good memory of the girls second Santa photo :)

Merry Christmas!!!

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Monday, December 20, 2010

{Christmas Traditions}

It's Christmas time (just in case you didn't get the memo!)!

One of my favorite things about this time of year is all the traditions that I have grown to love through the years. Traditions that I was so excited to share with my husband and that I now get to share with my daughter. I love that we have been able to start our own traditions as our new little family.

I thought that I would share with you, in hopes that you will do the same. I love hearing what others look forward to and do with their families! Hey, we might inspire each other to start something new!

So hear it goes!

Our holiday begins, as many others, right after Thanksgiving! We begin to put up all of our Christmas decor. My favorite part of this is decorating our Christmas tree. We turn on Christmas music, pour a glass (or two!) of eggnog....which is a necessity for tree decorating and simply enjoy each others company. I love starting the month this way as it really warms my heart. I love having a special night to spend with my family and just enjoy one another. This year we were lucky to share our tree decorating with my parents and my Grandfather. It was truly special.

Then there are the lights....ohhhhh the beautiful Christmas lights! I love the way they sparkle and glow and I love the way my little ladies face lights up when she sees Christmas lights! There are a few places in our area that do magnificent light displays that we are sure to make it to each and every year. We bundle up and walk around enjoying each and every display. We of course decorate our home with some sparkly goodness but what I really love is driving around looking at all the beautiful ways others decorate their homes.

For quite a few years now we have also enjoyed the boat parade that takes place on the lake my parents live on. Some years we participate, some years we watch. It is so fun to see the boats all decorated in lights, hear all the music playing and wave to all those sitting on their docks as you pass by! Averee was able to enjoy it this year and just LOVED seeing all the boats and waving to everyone!  We then head back to my parents where we enjoy some very tasty beef stew. My mom makes it every year for the boat parade and I swear every year it gets better!

Christmas Eve and Christmas morning are my absolute favorite days of the year! On Christmas Eve we get all dressed up and head to mass at our church. It is always crowded and we always are standing in the back (we actually bring our own chairs :) ) but I love seeing all the families who have come together to celebrate what God intended for us to celebrate....the birth of his son. I love the smiles I see and the friends I run into after mass. I love that I get to share this special time with my family.

We then head to my aunt and uncle's home for a yummy meal and just spend time together. We open gifts and listen to some Christmas tunes. On our way home we always take a little extra time to drive around and look at those beautiful lights I love so much! It is just magical! Once we get home, we climb into our jammies and then sit down to read 'Twas the night before Christmas. When I was growing up my dad read this to me each and every Christmas Eve. It is a special memory that I have had for so long...sitting on the couch with my mom and dad (I'm an only child if you didn't know). Although I was not able to be a part of this last year with my girl (I was taking care of some very sick kids) my husband carried on this precious time with her by welcoming her to her first Christmas with this special tradition. He even called me at work so that I could listen to him read to Averee. It was beautiful! That night we leave our Christmas lights on, inside and out, all night long to light the way for Santa.

On Christmas morning we wake up and head to see what Santa has delivered. We then brush our teeth and head out the door to go to my parents home. That's right....all we do is brush our teeth! Christmas for our family has always been very causal and we all stay in our jammies all day long. My mom makes the most spectacular Christmas breakfast and then we all just relax while watching Christmas movies! We then have a lovely Christmas dinner together, while still in our jammies. Our dinner changes each year...this is one way we are not so traditional!

This year we are adding a couple of traditions into the mix. I had never heard of reindeer food until last year! So what are we doing? We are going to make some and sprinkle it all over our yard so that Santa knows just where to stop! I know Averee won't understand it this year but I'm pretty sure she is going to love it in the years to come. We are also going to start baking cookies for Santa....I'm sure it sounds crazy to some of you but baking has never really  been a big part of my holiday. Sure I love enjoying all those delicious treats but rarely have I been on the creating side. But this year that is changing....I believe this will be a wonderful time for my girl to look forward to every year.

And that's it! The special times during the last month of our year are just magical to me. You can usually find me with a smile on my face singing a little Christmas tune!

I hope you have enjoyed this and I look forward to hearing the special things you look forward to! I thought I would leave you with a few photos from the girls very first Christmas!

Averee's first visit to Santa!

 This was a little photo shoot we did in front of our tree! Wow has she changed so much this year!

 Christmas Eve before heading to mass (and no those are not jammies they are my work scrubs!)

Here we are Christmas morning at my parents home! It was a very special first Christmas with the girl!

And finally here we are this year with my parents! It is amazing how much changes in one short year! I am looking forward to this Christmas with the girl and all the ones to come!

I hope each and everyone of you has a Merry Little Christmas!


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Thursday, December 16, 2010

{Twelve Days} Free Printable!

So in case you didn't know Christmas is my all time favorite time of year....and yes I believe it is a time of year and not just one day.

I get so excited to see all the beautiful lights, spend time with family and friends, eat lots of delicious food and of course decorate our home.

I am typically one for the traditional. I love the greens and reds and bright white lights that represent my favorite time of year. This year though I have found something new to love. In case you missed my post about Shutterfly Holiday Cards I am now in LOVE with the blues, whites, silvers and reds of Christmas and if you were wondering....this...the Brillant Blue (Bright and Merry) is the card we went with.

But since we are on a budget...buying lots of new decorations just does not work. That's right....I'm behaving and sticking to our holiday budget.

So I decided to create this....The Twelve Days of Christmas...and I think it turned out beautiful!


Here she is displayed in our hall...

A little blue, a little red and lots of white and silver! Swoon!

Oh you love our glitter trees? With a foam cone, glue and glitter you could have some of your very own...oh and of course a candle stick as the stand! And since I still had to stick with that ummm budget...I used one of our Pilsner glasses to hold the ornaments (left over from my ornament wreath) for a little touch of red delight!

And this beauty? I learned how to make her on some amazing blog...unfortunately I somehow did not save said blog (please let me know if it was yours!) But I know they got the idea from Design Sponge...Ruffly Felt Wreath Tutorial!

This little pretty? As you can see she isn't totally finished yet but her silver glory hangs from the mirror above our table display. I learned how to create her over at Joy is at Home!

And because I love you so very much I decided to share the love so that you can enjoy these gorgeous colors in your home this holiday season!

Simply click HERE, save to your computer, then print out at your favorite photo place and put it in your favorite frame! And there you go....Beautiful, FREE, Holiday art!

'Tis the Season!

No flippin way!!! The Real Life Mom was featured for the Twelve Days Printable!!!!
Check it out!

On a side note....the wreath and felt tree do take quite a bit of time. Both very easy but time consuming....hence why I have yet to finish the wreath! But I do love both of them and the time spent creating was well worth it! And a special thanks to my husband for providing the awesome lighting for a little photo shoot...he thought he deserved some credit!

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

{Adorable Burp Cloths} Guest Tutorial

Have you ever bought a really super adorable burp cloth only to find out with the first use that really all it is good for is it's looks?

Coming from a Real Life Mom of a true refluxer (seriously...we called her pukes a lot) I promise you when I say the best thing to use is....cloth diapers! They are so absorbent, inexpensive and easy to pack in a diaper bag. Only problem? They are also REALLY ugly. Now I know it is important to be practical with a baby but when you are feeling exhausted, haven't returned back to your pre-pregnant size and are just dying to look somewhat cute you really could use some adorable baby accessories...

So what to do...hmmmmm. Well lucky for us a good friend of mine, Chantelle, put together this adorable tutorial for some amazing burp clothes....they will give you the function you need with a little bit of style!

Here's what you need:
  • Choice of Ribbon – non-wired
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Matching Thread
  • Iron/Ironing board

Step 1
Cut two pieces of ribbon 2” longer then burp cloth (1” on each side)

Step 2
Fold about 1” on one side and iron flat

Step 3
Fold that piece (end) in half again and iron

Step 4
Start pinning to burp cloth starting at folded end.
Pin the sides down to the end of the burp cloth.

Repeat steps 2-3 on other end of ribbon – making
it even with the burp cloth. Pin the last end.

Repeat steps 2-4 for other piece of ribbon and pin
to other side of burp cloth

Step 5
Start sewing at one end of ribbon.
Continue sewing down ribbon by making
Turn with needle. (Have needle down
In fabric, lift up stopper and turn cloth
To desired area. Return stopper and
begin sewing down ribbon)

Continue this until you end up where you
Started! Then proceed to next ribbon.

Here's some finished cloths! Adorable right? I love them and you want to know the great thing about these cloth diapers? After they have served their purpose as burp clothes...they make great cleaning products for meal time with a toddler or cleaning counters etc.!

  • Cloth diapers have a thicker area in the middle with borders on either side. I use those borders as my guides for pinning the ribbon, but these are not always even so your ribbon may not always be perfectly straight.
  • Any type of ribbon will do as long as it does not have wires.
  • Most ribbon has a sewn border on each side. I use this as my guide when sewing. 
  • Use bright thread on white background ribbon to bring out some color!
  • Always practice on a spare piece of fabric first!
  • When the cloths are washed they will shrink – but it adds a wave to the ribbon. I recommend washing after sewing for this reason.

Just could make this for that special mommy-to-be for a baby shower or just because. She will totally appreciate it!

Thank you Chantelle for sharing this fantastic idea! I think this might be my first attempt at learning to sew!

What are you experiences with burp cloths? I know we all have our stories!

Want one of these adorable burp cloths but don't have the time to make one? Email for further information and prices. You can also email her if you have any questions regarding this tutorial! Happy sewing!
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