Thursday, December 9, 2010

{Ornament Wreath}

Ok. So I did it. I jumped on the bandwagon....I did...I confess.

I have just been dying over these gorgeous ornament wreaths everywhere and I just had to have one for myself. So I headed to the dollar store....bought a zillion ornaments....bought a foam wreath and headed home to my hot glue gun. 

I'm pretty sure that I am in love. 

All the glitter, the shininess, the hints of gold!

This wreath cost me around $18 to make. I spent $3.50 on the foam wreath (hello coupon!) and then spent the rest on ornaments from the dollar store. When I started I really had no idea how it would turn out. I did not follow any tutorials...I just started gluing. I did use a flat foam instead of a completely rounded one. This made gluing the first layer much easier. I wanted the wreath to be big and let me just tell you....HUGE is what I got. I started with a 14 inch foam wreath and by the time I added ornaments it was gigantic and I totally heart it. 
My only tip is to start with the center and work your way out. I think the beauty in these ornament wreaths is that each one is so different. I also found it helpful to kind of plan out each layer before actually gluing. I believe this helps to make sure all the colors, glitter and shine are well dispersed.

Once all the ornaments were on I simply took left over ribbon tied it around the top on the wreath. I then tied a bow on the front and then I made a little loop that I tied to the back of the wreath/ribbon and used that to hook the ornament wreath to the door hanger.

What do you think? Gorgeous right? Even my husband commented on how much he loves it!

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Let me know if you create your own ornament wreath! I would love to feature you here! Email photos to

I forgot to mention....if you do create one don't worry when you first get start. I almost stopped after my first layer of ornaments was on because it was beyond ugly. But I figured I had all the ornaments so I should keep going....and as you already know I totally love this wreath!


  1. The wreath is beautiful!! You did an amazing job! I might have to try making one of these!

  2. Omg I love it sooooo much!!!! I already have one this year that my grandma made for me but I will definitely have to try this next year!


  3. Thanks ladies! We really really love ours! If you are planning on doing it next year be sure to buy ornaments this year when then go on super sale after the holidays! I'm not going to was so easy I'm actually thinking of making a little one to decorate Av's outdoor play house with!

  4. Curious?? I really like it and am inspired! About how many ornaments did it take to cover the 14 inch foam?

  5. I used about 150 ornaments...I'm telling you this thing is huge! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. OMG LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! it's beautiful and would have thought for sure that you'd bought it! so i'm guessing after the first layer you glue the ornaments to eachother?? I'm acutally kind of sick of the ornaments i've been using the past few years and this would put them to great use!!! thanks for sharing your idea!!!


  7. Great job. It looks wonderful!

  8. Beautiful wreath! I love that the ornaments came from the dollar store...LOVE that store! Stopping by from Sundae scoop!

  9. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! It just looks so sumptuous and rich. I gotta make me one of these!

  10. I LOVE how you did it! Thanks for sharing! I think I will start gluing :)!


  11. Oh wow. Beautiful. Love the balls you chose. They all blend so well with shiny/satin. No wonder these are so expensive if it costs that much to make.

  12. It turned out AWESOME! I love it!
    BTW, thought I was a follower MANY moons ago! but I am for sure now! Imadork is my middle name!
    Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!

  13. I.HEART.THIS! SOOOO pretty!!! Must make one!!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  14. Wonderful! This is definitely one of my favorite ornament wreaths that I've seen. Love the traditional colors!

  15. Well my dear, you did a fabulous job. If I do say so myself!

    Thanks again for always linking up to **Amaze me AUgust**

    Bella :)

  16. I love this wreath in Christmas Colors!
    I also made a wreath like this one, but I use mine during the fall season...
    I am thinking about doing one for, red, pearl white...
    Thanks for sharing your version!


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