Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Ok. So I know I am not alone when I say this time of year I always tend to feel a bit overwhelmed. Some things good...some things not so good. I feel like I am on a constant time constraint to get it all done and honestly I sometimes wish I could just stop time and breath.

This year with a toddler I am feel particularly overwhelmed. From trying to teach her new things to making sure she has the most perfect second Christmas and all the while trying to get some sleep....Phew....it's just exhausting! Oh and Christmas trees? I'm pretty sure there were not intended to have with young children. It is a flippin full time job making sure that thing does not topple over with the girls crazy strength and determination!

I also just hosted my mom's surprise 50th birthday party. It was a huge success and a total blast but I am totally ready for a break. Luckily I have some pretty amazing aunts, dad and husband who were more then willing to help make the party a success!

And work....ohhh work. I'm not sure what is going on but there are some seriously sick kids out there right now. All I can so is please....if you do nothing else today...WASH YOUR HANDS! and your child's while you are at it!

Oh, and we have been dealing with a teething toddler...Yeah for us! I'm pretty certain it has been over a month since we have had a solid nights rest. When her doctor ever told us her other 3 molars were on their way....I almost broke down right then and there. I thought about begging him to keep her....just at night...until said molars were in.

Traveling, trips to the mall, wrapping presents, decorating....There is just seriously a lot going on.

Oh well....it is still my favorite time of year...with all the lights and smiles and music. I wouldn't trade this time of year. I will take the hustle and bustle just as long as I can do a little venting every once in awhile.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed during the holidays? How do you unwind? Me....do you remember my post on the missing bottle? Well I could sure use the bottle that I was hoping to find that day....Ok. Ok. Not a whole bottle people....just a glass and a good Christmas movie!


  1. Oh you poor dear. I feel this way lots of times and just during the holidays. Even with help sometimes I feel like I am in solitude, the only one ever feeling rushed to get things done and done right. No matter how I stress things should be done sooner and in a certain manner, they always seem to pile on to eachother making it stressful. Like our past vacation. We had great intentions on getting things packed and ready well in advance, I mean why couldn't we have. It is winter here and it was warm weather where we were headed so why not. It never happened. No one was on my side for this. So the day we were headed on vacation was needless to say stressful and horrible. Kids crying, fussing for attention and food. Husband aggrivated that he didn't get enough rest to be able to drive all night. Grandma feeling rushed out her door not getting to grab everything, and myself trying just account for all the belongings we needed to make the 15hr drive in one piece. I agree the idea of christmas trees are delightful and pretty but are the worst things to have around when there are little curiosties roaming. We learned from the first christmas, our daughter was 9 months and mobile, to corner the tree with minimal access until christmas eve night. We hid the access to the base of the tree behind our couch and chair with the back of the tree in a corner. The night before we moved the furniture and placed the presents for the next day. We did this until she turned 2 and knew not to push, pull, lean, or hang on the tree. This year however we are back to having a little curiosity roaming so the tree base is to be hidden again until the night before. Some people I know get those play-pin gate things and corral there tree, just a thought. This year for us will be even more of a stretch on the emotions. We haven't been doing so great financially and are planning to move back to florida after christmas. Nothing is decorated at all because we don't know where we will be for the holiday. Whether we will have christmas here at home with all our moving boxes, at my mother-in-laws, or not until we are done moving. The last option I think will break my 3yr olds heart though, but it is what we have to do you know. We know each January christmas is coming and to prepare. Every July stores begin to remind us of the holiday season approaching. Black Friday is our big wake up call, are alarm clock if you will. Then bam, it is here whether we are ready or not. With each coming year it seems the holiday season comes faster and faster and with little warning. Hang in there is all I can say and ask for as much help as humanly possible to stay sane.

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to post this. It really is reassuring that I am not the only one who feels this way....although I wish you didn't have to feel this either! It is hard times right now I think for everyone! That must be really hard not knowing what your future has in store for you. I will totally be saying some prayers for your family. Even though we are really far apart (although hopefully you'll be back in Florida soon!) We are in this together! Thanks again for the words of encouragement and assurance!


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