Wednesday, December 15, 2010

{Adorable Burp Cloths} Guest Tutorial

Have you ever bought a really super adorable burp cloth only to find out with the first use that really all it is good for is it's looks?

Coming from a Real Life Mom of a true refluxer (seriously...we called her pukes a lot) I promise you when I say the best thing to use is....cloth diapers! They are so absorbent, inexpensive and easy to pack in a diaper bag. Only problem? They are also REALLY ugly. Now I know it is important to be practical with a baby but when you are feeling exhausted, haven't returned back to your pre-pregnant size and are just dying to look somewhat cute you really could use some adorable baby accessories...

So what to do...hmmmmm. Well lucky for us a good friend of mine, Chantelle, put together this adorable tutorial for some amazing burp clothes....they will give you the function you need with a little bit of style!

Here's what you need:
  • Choice of Ribbon – non-wired
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Matching Thread
  • Iron/Ironing board

Step 1
Cut two pieces of ribbon 2” longer then burp cloth (1” on each side)

Step 2
Fold about 1” on one side and iron flat

Step 3
Fold that piece (end) in half again and iron

Step 4
Start pinning to burp cloth starting at folded end.
Pin the sides down to the end of the burp cloth.

Repeat steps 2-3 on other end of ribbon – making
it even with the burp cloth. Pin the last end.

Repeat steps 2-4 for other piece of ribbon and pin
to other side of burp cloth

Step 5
Start sewing at one end of ribbon.
Continue sewing down ribbon by making
Turn with needle. (Have needle down
In fabric, lift up stopper and turn cloth
To desired area. Return stopper and
begin sewing down ribbon)

Continue this until you end up where you
Started! Then proceed to next ribbon.

Here's some finished cloths! Adorable right? I love them and you want to know the great thing about these cloth diapers? After they have served their purpose as burp clothes...they make great cleaning products for meal time with a toddler or cleaning counters etc.!

  • Cloth diapers have a thicker area in the middle with borders on either side. I use those borders as my guides for pinning the ribbon, but these are not always even so your ribbon may not always be perfectly straight.
  • Any type of ribbon will do as long as it does not have wires.
  • Most ribbon has a sewn border on each side. I use this as my guide when sewing. 
  • Use bright thread on white background ribbon to bring out some color!
  • Always practice on a spare piece of fabric first!
  • When the cloths are washed they will shrink – but it adds a wave to the ribbon. I recommend washing after sewing for this reason.

Just could make this for that special mommy-to-be for a baby shower or just because. She will totally appreciate it!

Thank you Chantelle for sharing this fantastic idea! I think this might be my first attempt at learning to sew!

What are you experiences with burp cloths? I know we all have our stories!

Want one of these adorable burp cloths but don't have the time to make one? Email for further information and prices. You can also email her if you have any questions regarding this tutorial! Happy sewing!

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