Thursday, February 17, 2011

{Tomato Soup} Oh, the possiblities.

Tomato soup. I'm a fan. I always have been. I remember growing up and cooking tomato soup with a nice grilled cheese sandwich, dunking said sandwich until every last drop was gone. Mmmmmm.

My absolute favorite way to eat this delectable soup is served over a nice bowl of elbow noodles. Yummmmm.

It is a simple, hearty yet healthy meal. And guess what...Averee loves it too!

Here's are some of the great benefits of tomato soup...
  • Lycopene. Tomatoes are packed full of this and the great part about that is it has been linked to helping protect the body against cancer!
  • Chromium. Tomatoes contain this mineral which helps to regulate blood sugar.
  • No saturated fat or cholesterol. Plus it is low in calories.
  • Tomatoes help reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease.
When I make our yummy elbow (sometimes shells!) macaroni and tomato soup I add a can of fat free milk to the soup to make it a little more creamy while also giving us a nice dose of calcium. I then sprinkle some cheese on top for a bit of protein. And finally I add a little dash of crushed red pepper for some spice (of course I leave this off of Averee's).

Tomato Soup with Shells.


She loves it so much that I couldn't even get her to smile. She was too busy bringing the spoon to her mouth for the next bite.

Not only is it yummy and healthy but it is very inexpensive too! For one can of soup and 1 box of noodles (which I usually can use that one box for about 3 meals) I spend around $2.50. Not too shabby.

Another rendition of this deliciousness is with diced tomatoes instead of tomato soup.

Bon Appetit!

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  1. sounds great!! i'm alway looking for quick,easy, and healty recipies, thanks Michelle!!


  2. My favorite 3pm snack is a Campbell's Soup in Hand, Tomato Soup. Microwave for 75 seconds and voila!!! The perfect/filling/hearty snack that will hold you over til dinner.

  3. ahhhhh, secret family receipe, absolutely love it, xoxo

  4. I've been trying to comment on one of your old posts but it won't let me :( I wanted to let you know that I ordered a cart cover from Tinder Designs for an upcoming baby shower. I cannot wait for it to arrive so I can see it in person! I let Jennifer know that you sent me over there and she want me to tell you "hi"! And of course you can feature my save the dates on your blog! Thank you!!!!


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