Wednesday, February 9, 2011

{OH No!}

My secrets out....remember the one I told you never to tell...the one about my slight flare for the drama!?!

Well my husband....he's onto my little secret...Last night as we were lying in bed listen to Averee scream at approximately 1:27 in the morning I went to get out of bed to get her and Ian leaned over and said give her a minute. I promptly told him it had been at least 10 minutes that she had been crying (when in reality I knew it had been about.....25 seconds...but come on! that's an eternity to a mommy!) He looked at me and started to laugh and then said it....the words that let me know someone told him....."Ohhh are such an over exaggerator!"

What!?! Was it you??? Did you tell him!?!

Oh well...I suppose he was bound to find out eventually.

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  1. hahaha! I love it! Mine never comes up with a number, i rely on the word "FOR.EVER." all whiny like;D
    I'd love for you to check me out at!

  2. LOL! I couldn't let mine scream until she was 2... Then she HAD to figure it out herself... Been smooth sailing since.
    I won't tell anyone you are an over-exagerator... Your secret is safe :)

  3. Lol. That's funny. My husband is the one who exaggerates at our house, but I'm with you on not wanting the baby to just cry. It's torture!


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