Tuesday, February 8, 2011

{Finding Frugal}

So if you guys haven't noticed all my finding frugal post have been grocery related. This is for two reasons....

First, I have yet to find anything else worth buying and blogging about and second...probably the most important...we have been on a semi spending "freeze" if you will while trying to prepare for a few things (and no I am not having a baby if that was your next question :) ).

 It was a pretty good week at Publix...I spent a little more then I would have liked but we are now stocked up on dog bones and I just couldn't pass up Olive Oil that was B1G1. It's been a rather busy few weeks (hence the lack of blogging) so I didn't put together where my coupons came from but none the less enjoy!

Total cost: 175.87
Total Spent: $84.28
Total Saved: $91.59 (52% savings)

I spent a little more this week then I would have liked to but we are stocked for awhile now! How was your grocery trip this week? Any great deals you'd like to share?


  1. Great job! I always feel very Proverbs 31 when I save like that. Congratulations!

  2. You still did awesome!!! again as much as Jared and I try, we still only save around $50 and spend over $100, BUT we have to buy baby food which is never really on sale so I give myself a break :)

    But I love these posts, it just encourages me to try harder!!


  3. The key is to stock up when the baby food goes on sale and make some of your own :). I always bought earths best organic baby food and it almost always goes on sale for B1G1 and I would buy TONS of it so that it would last until the next time. And BBR usually will have the cases (at least for Earths Best) on sale for really inexpensive when they are trying to restock...Hope you are well!


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