Monday, March 12, 2012


Twenty eight years ago I was born.

Twenty eight years since my parents first became parents.

Twenty eight years living on this earth.

I have worked hard, I have have gained friends that have already lasted a lifetime, I have family who have been my friends and have been by my side my whole life. I have a loving husband, two beautiful children and an amazing career (actually...I have two amazing careers!)

To say that I am blessed is truly an understatement.

Thank you to everyone who has been with me the last 28 years and thank you to everyone who has joined me along the way! Thank you for providing for me, guiding me and loving me. And mostly importantly thank you to our Heavenly Father for allowing all of these blessings into my life!

And for a little fun...I've always thought that my children look like me...not everyone agrees :) But I saw this on another photographers page and I thought it would be fun...enjoy!

(And yes...Reid was missing those chubby checks and his poor hair was all thinned out from all his "haircuts." But I still see Averee 1000% :) )

So what do you think? Is it just me??


  1. Happy Birthday to you...
    I don't see it so much with Reid, but she's just like you!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Michelle,

    I totally see you in both of your children. I said it from the first picture I saw of Reid, that I saw you instantly. Again, Happy Birthday. We love and miss you tons, xoxo

  3. Yes i see it happy birthday!!!! Love erin&aleena

  4. Identical!! Especially the noses and lips on all three of you :) Happy Birthday!


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