Tuesday, July 19, 2011


So it happened. Something that I never ever thought would happen to me. Not me. I'm way to prepared for this kind of stuff but well it happened.

I ran out of diapers.

I knew our diaper stash was getting low and was in need of a replenishment STAT. I knew I should have spent the morning heading to the store to stock up on those precious disposables for my unpotty trained dolly. I knew.

What I didn't know is what was going to happen next. What I didn't know is that when the girl awoke from her nap and I placed her very last diaper on her and proceeded to gather all of our belongs for a trip to the store was that she would do the unimaginable...POOP. That's right. Right there...in our very last no more to be accounted for anywhere diaper. And imagine my elation when I found out that it wasn't a very nice solid if you will but the other kind that you pray stays in the diaper until you rush said baby with diaper to the changing table. To top it all off...the stench was something that could parallel that of a dumpster trunk. Yikes.

So what did I do. Well I threw her in the car and ran to the store as fast as I could. Yes. We received many glares for what I imagine was a shocking site...a mom in sweaty gym clothes, afraid to take her sunglasses off for fear of being recognized and a daughter with a t-shirt and diaper on. Oh, and don't forgot the lovely fragrance that we were totting around with us.

Oh what a day. I guess it really is true that life is unpredictable. And that life as a mom will give you experiences that you never...in your worst nightmare...thought were possible.

On another note...tonight we are going to try this....Salsa Chicken Soft Tacos . I saw this recipe over on a friends blog and it sounds delish...not to mention easy :) That's my kind of meal. I'll let you know how it turns out!


  1. I have been in that situation with my daughter almost exactly. Instead of rolling up to the store to get diapers while she was still in the stinky one, I changed her into her reuseable swi m diaper and prayed even harder that she wouldn't dirty that too! My friend got creative with a bathroom hand towel with a gallon sized ziplock bag before dashing off to said store.

  2. You poor thing! It's so funny how you can ask any mom and they all have a good poop story :)

  3. Oh no Michelle!!! Miss Av must not have gotten the memo that poop with no diapers is not ok!

  4. I'm glad i read this and will head the warning.... and if by some chance I'm ever in that prediciment I'll take Andrea's advise...

    I have a close story though, Rae was about 6 months old and I wanted to run to the store real quick, by myself, with her. I didnt want to lug a huge diaper bag for such a short trip. well what does she do?? Poops on the way!! and like most 6 month olds, there was nothing solid about it! I felt horrible that she would be sitting in all of that since this wasn't designed to be a quick trip so I took her into the bathroom, with papertowels wiped as much as I could out of it, put it back on, and did my shopping. I was cringing the entire time and will not do that again!


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