Monday, June 20, 2011

{The Whole Truth...}

So the truth is finally out there. We are expecting baby #2. And now I can finally let you in on the whole truth....regarding my lack of blogging.

You see although the above cartoon is made to give a good laugh it is also the bang on truth. Healthy glow? It's more like a nice shade of green. When I'm not hugging a toilet/trash can/bowl/sink/whatever I can get my hands on I am busy working on editing, working as a nurse and taking care of my sweet little lady. So my creative side has literally had no time to creative.

I definitely think it is true when they say each pregnancy is very different. With was a breeze. I was nauseous but if I ate a couple crackers or had a sip of ginger ale I would be just fine. I didn't have crazy cravings and I wasn't well crazy (although my husband might tell you differently).

This time around though I'm sick whether or not I lasts allllllll day long....I crave every ounce of food I can get my hands on....I'm tired beyond belief....I've already brought out a little crazy for Ian to enjoy (ie Random crying for no particular reason or getting sooooo mad at him and then not remembering why :) ). But you want to know what...I couldn't be happier. You see with Averee I must have taken 50 pregnancy tests until my first ultrasound just to make sure because I never "felt" pregnant. This time though I have been confidant in this pregnancy since before I even tested positive (I was already having symptoms). In a weird way it is just very reassuring to "feel" pregnant.

And today we were able to see our sweet little baby. And by little I mean GIANT. I apparently am destined to have giant babies. Averee was over 9 lbs and was born at exactly 40 weeks. She never measured more then 2 days ahead though. This little baby is already measuring a whole week ahead of schedule! Holy Molly! And even more exciting...we are pretty positive on the sex of this baby...although I don't plan to reveal that until later when we know for sure. The doctor told us today that he has never been so confident at a 10 week (yes I am 10 weeks along) ultrasound on the sex of the baby. Was definitely a perk to the appointment today along with hearing that the baby looks perfect. Ahhh Bliss.

So that's secret is out. I'm sorry to everyone who felt really bad for me thinking I was sick this whole time. I promise I felt really bad not telling the whole truth...I just wasn't ready to share until I saw that sweet little heart beating away. We are very excited for January 13, 2012


  1. Congrats!!! I'm hoping you go a day early! Noah's birthday is January 12th. Then both of our kids will have very close bdays!!!

  2. This will be very exciting and interesting for you I am sure! I wish you a happy healthy pregnancy and baby. Best wishes!


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