Thursday, July 21, 2011


OK so seriously what is it about pregnancy and the random crying that is sure to ensue no matter what? Yes, I know it is the hormones but seriously...sometimes I feel crazy.

Like the time I may or may not have cried because my husband was cooking a nice dinner for me but I just really needed Chinese food. Or the time Ian and I were watching TV and he changed the channel (during a commercial) and I completely lost it because well I was seriously into that commercial. Or the time that I may or may not have watch Free Willy and balled my eyes out. And I may or may not have watch it a second time....immediately after...only to cry again. Poor Averee...I think she really thought I had lost it :)

Oh well...only 175ish days to go! Except for then I know what comes next...the postpartum hormones....Yikes.

**Disclaimer: This post is made strictly for entertainment purposes. Just your standard pregnant lady :)**


  1. OMG! I am in the same boat. I am 8 weeks and I find myself crying at every animal shelter commercial. The best one was I was having back pain and I read somewhere online that it will only get worse as the pregnancy progresses and I cried telling my husband about it. My husband has decided that he is pregnant as well and mocks me, it’s still funny now but we will see how funny it is when I get more hormones in my system.

  2. I told Troy yesterday that I wasn't ready to be pregnant and crazy again and he assured me that I was crazy either way so at least now I know I am in good company :)


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