Tuesday, May 3, 2011

{To Immunize or not to immunize...}

This post is not to spark a debate. I am sure all the information I can present to you...someone will be able to come back with just as much information for the the opposite point.

I recently read an article in a magazine that I receive and I found the numbers very interesting as to how many children are not receiving their immunizations or are receiving altered schedules for immunizations. I will put it out there that I do believe in immunizations. Yes, there are circumstances in which I believe they are not in the best interest of the child (ie too young, immunocompromised etc) but overall I think it is incredible the advancements that have been made for our children....our future.

I decided after reading the article that it was best that I went to the actually source of the information. So off to the American Medical Association web page I went :) The information on there is incredible. I highly recommend you check it out just so that you have the information you need when making this life changing decision for your children. I found in particular the information regarding the MMR injection in regards to Autism very interesting. The AMA shows the flaws in Dr. Wakefields studies and shows you other studies that are for the opposite debate.

What I find most interesting is that any medical site I go to supports immunizations and will give you the research to support it (hello...I'm a nurse....we LOVE when something is support by research!) Among some of the sites you might what to check out when making your decisions...
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)
Infant Immunization Not Shown to be Harmful...AMA
Relationship between MMR and autism...AMA
Pediatric Vaccines...AMA

Again, this is not to spark a debate. I believe this is a topic for you to discuss in length with your health care provider but I feel that you should too have the information to bring to your health care provider so that together you can make the proper decision for your child. I would love to hear your thoughts but please remember this is not a debate and it is more of presenting information to others. This is not to be judgmental against those who choose to immunize and those who do not....it is merely a way to make sure everyone has ALL the information to make a sound, educated decision.

**If you have proper medical research that you would like to present for the other side please email me.  I want to be fair in my presentation of the information so if you know of a supported study for the opposite side of the debate I would like to see the information. Thanks!**



  1. I am like you, I am all for research and studies to help me back a decision I am making for the future. I have found that it may be hard for someone to decide against immunizations. By the time there child reaches school age,they cannot be enrolled until there shots are up-to-date. Registering a child is like putting a parent through an obstacle course. Just signing my daughter up to go to a public school for an all day pre-school program, made me feel like I was running around with my head cut off. We do vaccinate both our children and since we just moved here our shot records were not from Florida. The school system would not take them, they had to be on a Florida form they told me. So off to the health department to get it updated. When I last saw our pediatrician before we left she informed me that my daughter would not need another shot until she is 5, right before she starts kindegarten. I find out when I go to the health department she needs another 4 shots to be able to attend a daycare, or public school. Needless to say after speaking with my husband and looking up what shots were needed, she was then subjected to the pain of the vaccines. If this is what is needed for children to go to school, the only way I see children not getting there immunizations is if they never attend a daycare or public schools.

  2. I love your post Michelle! I am a firm believer in vaccinations too (and not only because I'm a nurse). The statistics on varicella related deaths (aka chicken pox) is astounding. And to think that it is something that could be easily prevented.

  3. I a nurse too! :) Thank you for your post! We chose to vaccinate our 3 girls on schedule (even our twins who were 9 weeks premature). I believe there are valid reasons to not vaccinate, but it the hysteria surrounding vaccines concerns me. I hope that with all the new literature that is available that people will make more educated decisions.


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