Friday, April 15, 2011

{I heart Tinder Designs}

So I'm sure you all remember my fabulous sponsor Tinder Designs??? Well I'm super excited because I just received a cart cover for my dear dear friend who is expecting a baby boy in June and let me just say it is FANTASTIC! I can't wait to show it to her!

The actual pattern that I choose happened to be the very last one of that pattern but check out these gorgeous new fabrics to the shop....

 I'm pretty sure I do not know a child who would not love dinosaurs....My dinosaur freak (well at least she is when Dino Dan comes on Nick Jr. :) )
 In love with the owls...I feel like owls are the "in" thing right now and little kids love them!

I know as a Momma I would feel so stylish carting my kiddo around with this fabulousness!

So head on over to Tinder Designs and check it a mom I feel this is a must have baby buy! Great shower gift!!!

1 comment:

  1. Owls are the best!!! Any good Chi Omega girl knows that!! {why Emmy (my Chi O Legacy) has anything and everything that's in owl print!!!}


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